Zuma ‘could lose rural home over unpaid debt’

Former South African President Jacob Zuma is in danger of losing his controversial rural home in Nkandla after failing to keep up with loan repayments, local media are reporting.

In 2016, Mr Zuma was told by the Constitutional Court that he had breached the constitution by not paying back some of the $23m (£19m) the government spent on upgrading his private home.

A report from the government watchdog said that not all of the upgrades – an amphitheatre, swimming pool and cattle enclosure – related to security.

To pay the money back, Mr Zuma borrowed $500,000 from the VBS bank, News24 reports.

But court papers, seen by News24 and TimesLive, relating to the liquidation of VBS, show that the former president has failed to keep up with the loan repayments.

Mr Zuma first went into arrears in August last year and has since made “sporadic repayments, all of which were less than the agreed monthly instalments,” TimesLive quotes the court papers as saying.

He is currently $38,000 in arrears, the court papers say. The VBS liquidators want Mr Zuma to pay up and if he fails they could seize his Nkandla homestead.

Mr Zuma has until Saturday to respond.

TimesLive quotes his spokesman as saying that he is waiting for Mr Zuma’s legal team to comment.

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