Xenophobia: Security expert advises Nigerian govt on steps to take against South Africa

As reactions continue to trail the ongoing xenophobic attacks in South Africa, an international security expert, Yusuf Mayo has asked the South African government to come out of its alleged hypocrisy and tell Nigeria reasons for the alleged killing of Nigerians in the ongoing attacks.

Speaking with DAILY POST in Abuja on Tuesday, the security expert, who is a Nigerian national from Adamawa State, North West Nigeria, stated that South Africa has what it takes to fish out criminal elements, if it is determined to do so.

He said, South Africa has more business interests in Nigeria than those of Nigerians, saying that Nigerian government should close down all businesses of South Africans immediately in retaliation.

Mayo condemned burning and looting of shops belonging to foreigners, noting that SA would lose more if Nigeria decides to retaliate.

“South Africa government should explain to Nigeria government the killing of 120 Nigerians in the ongoing xenophobic attacks. If I am to advise, let all Nigerians leave South Africa and let Nigeria cut its ties with that country.”

“Does it mean, their government cannot fish out criminal elements that keep killing and looting shops of foreigners? They can do so if they mean it. ”

“They are busy burning shops in South Africa, they are looting shops and even some Nigerians cannot access their bank accounts.”

“Nigeria government should be up and doing. Firstly, they should give deadline to Nigerians living in South Africa to leave so that all their investments such as MTN, DSTV, Shoprite and others should be closed down “, he said.

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