Xenophobia: Nigerian Imam sends strong message to South Africa, AU

Dr Bashir Yankuzo, the Chief Imam of Federal University of Technology, Minna, on Friday, asked South African government to fish out and prosecute those responsible for the killing of innocent foreign nationals in the country.

He also asked the African Union (AU) to call countries on the continent to order.

Yankuzo, in his Juma’at sermon in Minna, condemned the senseless killings and said the South African government should muster the political will and go after the perpetrators.

“We expect the South African government to subject those responsible to the rules of their country and punish them accordingly” NAN quoted him as saying.

“Nigerian government and indeed Nigerians contributed positively and supported South Africans during the anti apartheid struggle.

“What Nigerians expect from South Africa is love, respect and partnership for our collective socio-economic development.

“As for us in Nigeria, it is good we looked inward and remained law abiding and more loyal and committed to our country.

“I call upon us to learn from mistakes of the past and use the present to build a stronger future for our nation.

“We are all from the same continent, we need to love one another, see ourselves as brothers for peace, progress and political stability in our continent.

“We cannot get the attention of foreign investors without peaceful atmosphere in our continent, without love, care and respect for our fellow brothers in the same continent.

“Africa is a blessed continent, God blessed us with human and many mineral resources, but what we need is to love one another to enable us tap the abundant resources at our disposal”, Yankuzu said.

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