A woman in her 20s who choked on a chicken bone while having dinner with her family was saved after she was rushed to the hospital.

The woman in United Arab Emirates was having her favourite Maqluba, a traditional meal of rice and chicken, with her family when she suddenly stopped eating, coughed loudly non-stop and went blue.

The family rushed her to a hospital, where it was found that she had swallowed a 3cm chicken bone

Gastroenterologists at Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaidullah Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, attended to the patient who was rushed to the emergency room with serious respiratory problems, said Dr Mariam Al Khatri, Head Gastroenterologist at the hospital.

“The young woman was seriously choked and could not breathe in a normal way, and the specialists at that other hospital could not handle the situation as the bone went deep into the esophagus and below the larynx,” said Dr Khatri.

“The x-ray images taken showed the exact place and size of the chicken bone, which was successfully taken out, with no side-effects at all.”

The young woman said she did not notice the chicken bone while eating rice.

“Thankfully, the bone was safely removed without further complications,” she said, advising the public to chew food well before swallowing it.

“Also make sure that the food you are eating, mainly rice, is free from such bones that may seriously block your respiratory paths.”