Wofai Fada tests negative for coronavirus after coming in contact with UK returnee who showed Coronavirus symptoms at the AMVCA

Nigerian Instagram comedienne and actress, Wofai Fada was among the many guests who graced the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards about a fortnight ago.

It was days after that it was revealed that one of the guests at the awards had symptoms of the novel Coronavirus and as such, most people who attended the awards had the potential threat of the virus.

Wofai’s case was a bit critical as she had close contact with the patient during the event. Both of them posed for a photo together and this photo has since spread across the internet with many of the actress’s fan fearing that she may have contracted the virus.

She has now taken to her page to reveal that after the declaration that all attendees of the award show should self isolate, which she did, she’s also underwent a test for the virus but according to a post she made this evening, it came out negative.


Sharing the screenshot of her test result, Wofai wrote:

I’ve seen pictures I took with a fan ,from the last amvca award , go viral
I wasn’t scared at first, but the calls and messages from everyone made me panic .
After staying isolated for 14 days without any symptoms of corona , I still went for a test just to confirm
and the result came out negative.
thanks to everyone that reached out to me . I’m safe. Be safe too. Happy quarantine

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