Why some businesses in Lagos may not be allowed to open in 2 weeks

Lagos state government has stated that businesses may not be allowed to open after 2 weeks unless they successfully obtain the provisional clearance certificate as directed.

The provisional clearance certificate is the final clearance given to businesses under the Register-to-open initiative, certifying that they have fulfilled all conditions as required and may now be allowed to commence operations in line with the given safety guidelines.

According to a tweet at the official twitter handle of the Lagos state government, business owners and managers who wish to commence operations must put in place the appropriate facilities and working environment to help contain the spread of the COVID-19.

“Appropriate screening equipment for COVID-19, such as contactless temperature checkers must be available for entrants into the facility; separate ingress and egress points must be conducted in a staggered and orderly manner,” the Director-General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola said in the tweet.

Mojola added that relaxation centres such as bars, nightclubs, spas, gyms, cinemas and parks are to remained closed until further directives are given to them, after subsequent review of the situation.

However, social clubs with registered trustees will be permitted to open in two weeks’ time upon obtaining provisional clearance certificate, Mojola stated.

He stated that eateries and restaurants outside hotels are only permitted to offer take-out services as no dining activity will be tolerated.

Mojola emphasized that registration for the mandatory ‘Register-To-Open’ policy is at zero cost, easy and user friendly, urging that businesses that are yet to obtain the safety compliance certificates should ensure registration on the portal as stipulated and await their clearance.

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