* The principal of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu is Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.
Adams Oshiomhole is seeking a 3rd term through surrogate Governorship at Osadebay Avenue. This is his last political battle, which he is embarking on, after a woeful tenure as National Chairman of APC. It didn’t take the Nigerian society and Chieftains of APC mire that 12 months of Oshiomhole’s Chairmanship to conclude he was a disaster. Are Edo people not resilience enough to tolerate his dictatorship, avarice, greed, fetishism, agberoism and gangsterism for 8 years? Are we clamouring to go back to Egypt?

A win for APC and Ize-Iyamu in this election, will not only take Edo State back to Egypt, but it will also catapault Esan
Governorship to 2027.

I** That Oshiomhole hates Esan people and indeed, Esanland like plague, is not in doubt to any rightful citizen of Esanland. Any good project in Esanland, he worked throughout his tenure as Governor to destroy. Projects that were to come, he also worked hard to ensure they didn’t come.

The following are the cases in point:
1) He denied Esanland water, even when the Federal Government under Jonathan facilitated the World Bank Multi-billion Ugboha – Esanland water project. All he needed to do, was to pay the counterpart fund of N300 million. He refused. In his mind, what is the people of Esanland doing with water?
2) He denied Esanland the World Bank assisted reclaimation of erosion devastated areas in Uromi, Ewu and Ibore- Irrua. This couldn’t materialize during his tenure as Governor. Again, all he needed to have done, was to sign the Agreement and facilitate the project. He refused.
Kudos! The projects had been done now with the coming to power of Godwin Obaseki.
3) He denied Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, NDDC Students Hostel. How? In 2014, the Good Governance Committee set up by Jonathan, under Labaran Maku, to go round all Federal Government and its Agencies projects, in order to ascertain the level of developments and, to determine the fund to be allocated for their completion, was denied access into AAUE. This is the reason why the hostel is now an abandoned project in the bush, at DPC level.
All the NDDC Hostels the Maku’s Committee visited, were not only completed, but are all now being occupied by students – UNIBEN, DELSU, UNIPORT, UNICAL, CRSUTECH, RUST, UNIOYO, AKWSU, ETC.
Only the one sited in AAUE has been abandoned and only God knows how long it will be to complete that 4000 capacity hostel complex.
4) The reclaimation of the Erosion threatened Faculty of Environmental Studies building and all the nearby lands in AAUE was also denied Federal Government intervention through the Ecological funds.
How, the Senator Odion Ugbesias Senate Committee in Ecological Fund, meant to ascertain the level of devaststion and work out the reclaimation funding was denied access into AAUE by then Vice-Chancellor on the order of Adams Oshiomhole as Visitor to the University, and Governor of Edo State.
5) Under Oshiomhole Governorship, Esanland was denied Speakership of the House of Assembly. He was Goveror, from Edo North. Pius Odubu, was Deputy from Edo South. Instead, naturally, balancing the equation in a tripod zoning of number 1 – Edo North. No 2- Edo South and, No 3 Edo Central, he robbed Edo Cebtral – Esanland of it and gave it to Hon Uyi Igbe – Edo South.
Not even majority leader was given to Edo Central, let alone the Speaker.
After much public out cry, he gave it to Edo Central, only for him, again, to remove it from Edo Central.
Remember, how he invited the Speaker to his office, knowinging fully well, he had cunning planned his impeachment, he directed the House to carry out his hatchet plan.The plan sailed through and, the Speakership went to Edo North.
What a hatred for Esanland where Oshiomhole married the woman that made him? Clara, yes Clara made Oshiomhole who could neither read nor write. When Oshiomhole led a protest that stopped the Textile from working for some hours, much was list that would have earned a sack. Hevwas queried by the Expertrate Directors of the Textile Mill.
Clara as Secretary in Nigerian Arewa Textile Mill, Kaduna came to his rescue. After his explanation, Clara patriotism that this an Edo man, couch a reply that catapulted Oshiomhole to limelight. He could neuther read nor wite. From that moment, Clara, became his saviour and letter writer and speech witer which made him rise to Labour leadership.
6) You are probably aware of his venomous insults and verbal attacks on all the Great men and leaders of Esanland. Even traditional rulers.
Admiral Aikhomu, Chief Tony Anenih, Chief Tom Ikimi, none escaped his mouth diarrhea.
7) The Onojie of Uromi was suspended to spite Esanland. A man who desecrated the Esan royal stool deserves not to promote any Governirship aspirant and elicite vote from Esan people. He deliberately denigrated Esanland.
8) When he constituted the Edo State Traditional Council, he dare not remove the Oba as Chairman, -Edo South and for the first time, Oshiomhole created 1st and 2nd Vice Chairmen.
The Otaru of Auchi was 1st Vice Chairman – Edo North. And to spite the Okaijesan of Esanland, he appointed the Onojie of Opoji as 2nd Vice Chairman.
9) When Admiral Aikhomu died in 2011, all Oshiomhole could say, was a man who has lived for 72 years, deserves a rest. He tried. He didn’t visit his family and didn’t contrubute to his burial. 10) But, when Vice Admiral Akhigbe died -an Etsako man, Oshiomhole flooded all the street light poles in Benin with his posters and up to Fugar.
11) I don’t want to talk about the lopsided political appointments Oshiomhole made to spite Esan people. There was no Esan man recommended for any Federal Government appointment by Oshiomhole.
12) Evidence of road construction, how he relegated Esanland in comparism with Edo South and North are replate with records and are emperical.

13) Time has come for Esan people to show patriotism, solidarity, determination, and zeal to say with one voice, that we are courageous people, who can determine their political future.
14) We need to root out Oshiomhole and his minions from Edo State politics. As he boasted with nostalgia that he has retired the godfathers and generals in Esanland from politics, Esan people, must unite to retire Oshiomhole from politics.


Thank you all and God bless.

Comrade Ambrose Ehiagwina Odiase.

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