Why Elon Musk called for Amazon’s dissolution

Tesla CEO Elon Musk called for Jeff Bezos’s retail giant Amazon to be broken up, after the latter refused to sell a book on its platform.

Amazon tried to block a book about the COVID-19 pandemic titled “Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 1: Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates” written by a former New York Times journalist, Alex Berenson.

On Twitter, Berenson had complained that Amazon had blocked his book for allegedly violating its publishing policies. He tagged Elon in his tweet.

“Your book does not comply with our guidelines. As a result, we are not offering your book for sale,” the company told the author in an e-mail. “Due to the rapidly changing nature of information around the COVID-19 virus, we are referring customers to official sources for health information about the virus”.

A few hours later, Elon responded saying; “This is insane @JeffBezos”, tagging the CEO of the technology company. “Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!” the billionaire added in a follow-up tweet.

Shortly following Berenson’s protest on Twitter and the comment by Musk, who have both been critical of coronavirus-related business shutdowns, Amazon approved the book’s sale.

Later in the day, Berenson tweeted his thanks to the Tesla billionaire for help in getting the book available on Amazon’s platform.

“IT’S LIVE! Again, thanks to @elonmusk and everyone who helped,” the journalist tweeted.

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