Since Governor Godwin Obaseki resumed office about four years ago, Edo state has taken its rightful place among other states in Nigeria as an economic center and a rapidly developing state, All thanks to our wake and see governor; Governor Godwin Obaseki. Prior to his assumption of office, Edo state was notorious for non payment of salaries, thuggery, bad roads,poverty e.t.c but since Obaseki came into office, he has successfully cleansed Edo state of this shameful reputation and now Edo has become a state we all can be proud of. Governor Obaseki has made relevant impacts on important sectors in Edo state and we can all see the immense development going on in the state whether economic, infrastructural, educational, youth development e.t.c

The tremendous economic growth in Edo state since 2016 has been wonderful and its impact has been felt by individuals living in the state whether upper or lower class and this has led to a better standard and a lower cost of living for the people of Edo state. Market women and drivers can now go about with their activities without fear of being harassed by thugs all in the name of revenue collection. More so, Obaseki established policies that has attracted foreign companies to Edo state and also helped existing companies to flourish making Edo State a very attractive place for establishment of industries.
Furthermore, workers and pensioners have all testified to the fact that Obaseki administration is a responsible and responsive one, since its inception in 2016, workers haven’t been owed nor have there been a delay in their payment. Their salaries and allowances have always been paid when due and Governor Obaseki was among the governors that first started the payment of the new minimum wage. Under the leadership of Governor Obaseki, pensioners haven’t had reason to come out to the streets to protest or beg like we have seen with previous administrations because we now have a government that appreciates their effort and understands their needs.

Let us not forget the prodigious and laudable effort which The governor has made in the area of education and youth development. The inception of Edo jobs has lead to the employment and empowerment of thousands of youth across the state and this has been done through the creation of agencies such as Edo State Traffic Control and Management Agency (EDSTMA), Puwov e.t.c and establishment of other programmes including vocational and IT training, and training in agriculture especially in areas such as animal husbandry and crop production and this has in turn made crime rates among Edo youths to decrease drastically. In addition, Obaseki has given many youths of Edo state a chance to participate in his government this is because of his concern for the future of the young people of Edo States and he appreciates the fact that youths are the leaders of tomorrow.

On education, Ambrose Alli University is now recognised among the best State universities in Nigeria, this is because the governor knows the importance of good education and doesn’t joke with the future of the children of Edo state. With the governors immense infrastructural and educational reform, the university has been brought out from its embarrassing and deplorable state and has now become an institution which the student, parents, and the state can be proud of. Also, the states poly techniques and colleges of education have all witnessed massive development making Edo state the leading state in education. Basic education have not been left out as we have seen building, renovation and equipping many of our primary and secondary schools like we saw with the Benin technical college and many other schools in the state.

On infrastructure, Governor Obaseki has performed above expectation. There have been massive infrastructural development a kind that we have never witnessed before in Edo state. There have been massive construction of road and erosion control all over the state, the governor transformed the Samuel Ogbemudia stadium to a world class stadium that can compete with any other stadium in the world. Look at the beautiful Secretariat building and also the alluring ICT building, renovation and erection of building for many government agencies and many more.

Finally, my people of Edo state we have come to the time in our lives when we have to decide our future and that of our children. What kind of leader do we need at this time of our lives ? Do we need a leader that would loot and share our states money and jeopardise our lives? Do we need a leader who doesn’t see the state as one but would rather marginalize some parts and favor the others? Do we need a leader that would send our youths back to the streets as thugs? Our answer is no we need a leader with our interest at heart, we don’t need a ruler that lusts for power but a leader with love for his people, we need a leader that love and respect us as his people, we need a leader that has good plans for us and our children, my people of Edo state, we need Godwin Obaseki

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