Ultimate Love: MiCherry evicted from reality show

After spending three weeks in the Love Pad, Michael and Cherry, the couple with the hashtag #MiCherry are the first to get checked out of the Ultimate reality TV show.

The couple were evicted after getting the least amount of votes and had to kiss the chances of winning the show goodbye.

Things got real in the competition after the host of the show, Ultimately Aunty revealed five names who are up for eviction. The other housemates who were up for eviction are Obi and Ebi, Iyke and Theresa, Slyvia and Chiddy Banks.

MiCherry’s love could be likened to high school love with their constant hugs, kisses and flaming romance. Sharing similar traditional beliefs, Michael and Cherry’s love blossomed and Aunty’s Love Pad couldn’t have been more proud.

Prior to joining the reality TV show, Michael was a broadcast content creator who’s plan was to find the love of his life in the Ultimate Love reality show.

However, he thinks if he meets someone immediately, he knows if they are going to far instantly. While the 30-year-old medical doctor, Cherry, hoped to fall hopelessly in love during her stay in the love pad.

She further revealed at the live eviction show that she had found her man in Michael.

Ultimate Love Season 1 premiered on 9 February 2020 on DSTV channel 198, with the ultimate prize of finding love and if the “Ultimate Couple” decides to get married, they will win a lavish all-expenses-paid wedding and a fully furnished home. The winning couple will also get a cash prize of N5million after being married for a year.

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