U.S. tops 500,000 coronavirus cases

United States has reached another grim milestone in coronavirus spread, recording over 500,000 cases on Friday.

Worldometers.info which tracks coronavirus puts the cases in the world’s leading economy at 502,876 on Saturday morning.

On Friday, the U.S. logged another record 33,752 cases and 2,035 deaths, that made it almost at par with world leader Italy in fatalities.

Italy has 18,849 deaths, after recording 507 new ones on Friday.

United States now has 18,747 deaths.

The United States mind-boggling coronavirus cases on Friday were more than the combined total reported by seven badly-hit countries.

These are Spain, Italy, Germany, France, China, UK and Iran.

They had 30,753 cases on Friday, lower than America’s 33,752.

Spain recorded 5,051, Italy 3,951, France 7,120, Germany 3,936, U.K 8,681 and China a very low 46 cases.

Spain now has a national total of 158,273, Italy 147,577, France 124,869 and Germany 122,171.

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