U.S. overtakes Spain in coronavirus death toll

The United States coronavirus death toll is now the second highest in the world, after Italy.

The U.S. overtook Spain early today, with new deaths recorded, taking the country’s tally to 14,797. Spain has 14,792 deaths.

Italy, the world’s leader has 17,669 deaths.

U.S. death toll is expected to go higher later today when figures from New York and other worst-hit areas are added up.

On Wednesday, a record 1,940 people died from the virus and the COVID-19 illness that it causes.

The U.S. also reported 31,935 new infections, that its takes its tally to 434,927.

The figure has grew to 435,160 early today.

Only four countries in the world have recorded infections above 100,000.

They are Spain with 148,220 cases, Italy 139,422, Germany 113,296 and France 112,950.

China where the virus started from has 81,865 cases, with 3,335 deaths.

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