Two passengers aboard crashed Pakistan plane survives

At least two people, including a bank executive have been pulled out alive from the wreckage of an Airbus A320 which crashed after an ‘engine failure’ in Pakistan with 100 people on board.

DAILY POST had reported that a Pakistan International Airlines plane carrying more than 100 people had crashed.

Flight PK8303 crashed on Friday near the neighborhood of Model Colony.

According to BBC news, Health authorities said 97 deaths have been confirmed, although it is unclear how many of the dead were passengers and how many were residents on the ground.

The Authorities also said that Nineteen of the dead have been identified and deposited at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre and Civil Hospital in Karachi.

One of the survivors, the President of the Bank of Punjab, Zafar Masood, while speaking with journalists in the hospital said “I thank God for my life, he has been merciful.”

The other survivor, Muhammad Zubair, who sustained minor injuries while describing his ordeal, said he lost consciousness then woke up to smoke and screaming.

He said “I could hear screams from all directions. Kids and adults.

”All I could see was fire. I couldn’t see any people – just hear their screams.

“I opened my seat belt and saw some light and I went towards the light.

“ I had to jump down about 10ft (3m) to get to safety.”

“The plane was 10-15 minutes between the first attempt at landing and the crash.

“No-one was aware that the plane was about to crash; they were flying the plane in a smooth manner,” he added.

It’s been reported that around 25 to 30 residents whose houses were damaged by the plane have also been taken to the hospital, mostly with burn wounds.

The aircraft wings during the crash-landing hit the houses in the residential colony before crashing down.

The Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran khan, while speaking about the unfortunate incident, said he was shocked and saddened by the crash.

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