Trump shares photoshopped image of boxer

U.S President Donald Trump has shared a photoshopped image of himself on his favourite social media platform, Twitter, dressed up as a boxer, with trunks and gloves.

The mercurial American leader gave no caption to the image, possibly leaving room to all kinds speculations as to the meaning.

Coming hours after he had what the Sun-Sentinel called a ‘Trump-Tastic day’ in south Florida, and amidst his impeachment probe by Democrats in the House of Representatives, perhaps Trump is warning traducers in Congress, he is not going to be anyone’s sucker-punch and that he is ready to fight.

Six hours after, he tweeted the image, it has only attracted 372,000 likes and 115,000 retrweets from the 66 million Trump followers on Twitter.

It has also attracted critical comments from some of the president’s followers.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome may be hazardous to your health.Please seek psychological treatment if you feel unreasonable rage”, wrote Dave Smith @davekrakatoa.

Here are some other reactions;

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