Veteran filmmaker, Yemi Shodimu, on Saturday emphasised training as one of the keys to better movie production in Nigeria.

Shodimu in Lagos, charged film producers to always employ the best hands for their movie productions.

The popular actor also identified bad and inaccurate subtitles as one of the flaws affecting Nigerian movies.

He urged producers to do adequate vetting of their productions before releasing them into the market.

“It is the responsibility of the producer because he recruits the crew, though the director can assist along the line.

“The producer pays the crew, so he dictates the tune.

“It is the responsibility of the producer to hire the best hand who will handle the subtitling of the movies produced by the producers to promote his end products.

“He really should care because a bad subtitled movie will do a lot of damage to our corporate image out there.

“The producer should go through the job and edit it but it is so unfortunate as some producers hardly do that.

“There are good hands who can accurately subtitle movies in other languages, all you need is ask and be ready to pay,” he said.

Shodimu said that training would never be too much for aspiring professionals as it only makes them experts in their fields.

“One of the important things which can improve the qualities of movies produced by the Nigerian movie industry is training and more training of producers.

“I have always advocated this, we need training and exposure. Training is never enough, it is the keyword,” he said.