Top Boko Haram commander defects with wife, child

A top Boko Haram commander has abandoned the terrorist group and defected with his wife and child to a secret location manned by the Multinational Joint Task Force(MNJTF).

According to Colonel Timothy Antigha, Chief of Military Public Information for MNJTF, the defector voluntarily denounced the terrorists groups and surrendered.

The defector disclosed that he joined Boko Haram in 2015 and took part in terrorist operations in Arege, Kangarwa, Metele and Mallam Fatori.

He said he decided to surrender following intense bombing of the terrorists positions by the Task Force.

“Constant artillery and air bombardments have greatly affected our plans and dampened our morale”

He said that “more fighters are ready to surrender, but they are uncertain of what fate awaits them”.

Pressed for more answers on his personal motivation, he said, “I am not sure if our spiritual direction is correct”.

In March this year, a group of Boko Haram terrorists surrendered in Sector Four in Diffa, Niger Republic.

Similarly, within the same period, some terrorists also surrendered to troops of Sector One in Mora, Cameroon and are currently being rehabilitated.

Boko Haram defectors in Sector Three (Nigeria) are also being rehabilitated through Operation SAFE CORRIDOR.

“While MNJTF will continue to intensify the tempo of its kinetic operations on all fronts, it encourages more terrorists to reject terrorism and abandon the needless killing of innocent civilians”, Colonel Atigha said.

”They are further encouraged to seek redemption within the structures provided for rehabilitation within the different jurisdictions”, he added.

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