The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released the report of the telecoms industry for half-year 2019. The report contains the market share of each service provider across states in the country. 

According to the Bureau’s report, as at the end of June 2019, Nigeria had a total of 122.6 million internet subscribers. Out of the total internet subscribers, MTN led with 52.1 million, accounting for 43% of the total internet subscribers. 

Airtel had31.9 million subscribers (26%), Glo had 29 million (24%) internet subscribers, 9mobile (9 million or 7%) while other network providers had less than 1% of the entire internet subscribers. 

The top 10 States 

  1. Lagos – Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos, recorded the highest with an estimated 16.4 million internet subscribers. In the state, MTN had 5.38 million subscribers, Airtel (4.8 million), 9mobile (2.7 million) and others accounted for 184,117 internet subscribers.

2. Ogun State – Ogun came second on the list with a total of 7.4 million internet subscribers. The breakdown shows that MTN had 2.9 million subscribers, followed by Airtel (2 million), Glo (1.79 million), 9mobile (644,063) and others (13,000). 

3. Kano – The state ranked third with the highest number of internet subscribers in Nigeria. Kano had6.8 million internet subscribers, with MTN controlling the biggest share.  MTN had 3.37 million, Airtel (1.89 million), Glo (883,955), 9mobile (686,680). 

4. Oyo – Total internet subscribers in the State was estimated at 6.2 million. In Oyo, Glo took the lead with 2.129 million subscribers, MTN followed closely with 2.106 million, Airtel (1.66 million), 9Mobile (275,750) and others (40,696).

5. FCT – The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) had a total of 5.53 million internet subscribers as of June 2019 to rank 5th. The breakdown shows that Glo led in FCT with 1.90 million internet subscribers, while MTN ranked second with 1.84 million. Airtel had 1.18 million subscribers, while 9mobile recorded 523,208 internet subscribers. 

6. Kaduna Internet subscribers in Kaduna State were estimated at 5.52 million. Across the state, MTN took the lead, followed by Airtel (1.67 million), Glo (1.06 million) and 9mobile (464,341).

7. Rivers According to the report, Rivers ranked 7th with 4.89 million internet subscribers. Across the state, MTN took the lead with 2.13 million internet subscribers, Airtel (1.23 million), Glo (1.09 million) and 9mobile (464,341). 

8. Delta – Delta had a total of 4.26 million internet subscribers. The breakdown shows that MTN had a total of 1.82 million internet subscribers, followed by Airtel (1.17 million), Glo (1.11 million) and 9mobile (144,829). 

9. Edo – Edo state had a total of 3.99 million internet subscribers, with Glo taking the lead. Glo had a total of 1.52 million subscribers in the state, followed by MTN (1.38 million), Airtel (883,505) and 9mobile (182,654). 

10. Niger – Niger State made the 10th position with the highest internet subscribers in Nigeria. The state had a total of 3.77 million internet subscribers, with MTN controlling the biggest share of 1.41 million internet subscribers; Glo (1.16 million), Airtel (855,997) and 9mobile (331,219) internet subscribers.