Opay has been very strategic in its determination to endear itself to Nigerians and capture the market. So far, sales promotion has played a huge role in this regard. First, there was the N100 ORide bike fares to any destination, and now everyone is talking about OPay’s N10 meals. Ever wondered what N10 food looks like? Well, we’ve got this covered!

For today’s launch break, some Nairametrics staffers decided to try something new —they ordered for OPay’s N10 meals and then waited excitedly. The meals did arrive and the entire experience was quite interesting.

OPay N10 Food

Ordering N10 Meals: OPay’s N10 meals can only be ordered through the OPay app. To buy the food, Nairametrics staffers who were interested had to individually download the OPay app, register with their details, and then place an order. The first order took about thirty minutes to arrive at the office just as the second one came in about the same time.  However, the third one took a much longer time than expected because the person delivering the food seemed to have a problem with navigation. The last person could not get through with his order.

About the meals: OPay seems to be partnering small restaurants which are otherwise known as bukas. The meals are relatively okay, although the presentation could be better. But then again, what else can one expect from N10 meals?

OPay N10 food

In the meantime, OPay’s business model has continued to fascinate analysts. The company’s aggressive attempt to take over the online payment sector seems very poised to succeed. And the fact that the company has continued to make use of adequate sales promotions to target customers is just commendable.

However, there have been many complaints about the Opay app which, by the way, performs multiple functions. On Google Play Store where the app has over a million downloads, complaints mainly bother around customers’ inability to log in to their app. This is true by the way.

Poor Customer Service? Earlier today while trying to partake in the N10 meals promo, a Nairametrics staff who could not log in to his app tried abortively to get technical support. Efforts to contact the company via the app’s support portal and the company’s WhatsApp for Business failed to get a response.