“They keep mistaking my winning in life to BB4 winning” – Tacha says

Reality TV star and serial entrepreneur, Tacha has reacted to people who keep mistaking her winnings in real life for “winning” in the fourth edition of the BBNaija reality TV show.

titan had taken to Twitter to narrate how while in a cab, they heard a lady say she’s tired of Tacha and her noise and just can’t wait for the fifth edition of the show to start.

The user wrote,

I am in Cab now

An Nice looking Lady just said” BBn5 should sTart already!so Tacha can Rest!I am Tired of her Noise..she is Acting like she is D first person to win A reality show!

I am still in shock n frozen that I ve skipped my Bus stop

Who won BB4

Reacting to the tweet, Tacha says “they keep mistaking my winning at life to BB4 winning”…. She wrote in full,

They keep mistaking my “WINNING AT LIFE” to “BB4 winning”
I did not WIN IT PLIS! na “NO DURATIONAL WINNING” at life CROWN pin for my HEAD!!🙏🏽


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