You can imagine, Oshiomole went to Aso Rock on Monday to beg President Buhari to force the him the Nigerian Army and INEC to help him rig Edo governorship election and also instruct thw Nigerian police to start arresting opposition leaders in Edo State and those in support of Obaseki but President Buhari refused.

As if that was not enough, when Oshiomole was interviewed by Aso Rock correspondence he lied to the world in front of the camera that Obaseki has not achieved anything in Edo State. He went as far as saying that all Obaseki has been doing was signing of MOUs. He gave example of an MOU Obaseki signed for the construction of Edo refinery and went ahead to declare that it was nothing but a fraud.

Two days after Oshiomole’s propaganda outing in Aso Rock, President Buhari sent people behind to verify Oshiomole’s claims only to discover that Oshiomole was a big time liar. He didn’t expect that President Buhari will investigate his claims. But unfortunately for him, on Thursday, exactly two days after his disgraceful outing to the Villa where he was caught on video begging chief of staff to the President to help him in arresting Opposition leaders, Buhari’s sent Federal Government delegation to Edo State to inspect Edo Modular Refinery and they thereby certified its mechanical works 95% ready.

The Federal Government after the inspection said that the Edo Modular Refinery project, which is 95 per cent (mechanical works) completed in Ologbo, Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State, will on completion attract more investment in modular refineries in Nigeria, generate employment and reduce youth restiveness in the Niger Delta.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Mr. Edobor Iyamu, who spoke during the inspection visit to the refinery, commended Edo State Governor and his Government for ensuring that the modular refinery comes on stream.

He said the establishment of the refinery in the state is in line with the new vision for the Niger Delta, ensuring that the people benefit maximally from the wealth in the region.

Iyamu added that the project will attract more investment into the the state.

Chairman, Edo Refinery and Petrochemical Company, Mr. Michael Osime, represented by the Company’s Global Advisor, Frans Ojielu, said the 6,000 barrels per day (bpd) plant also has a fabrication yard to boost local capacity to produce materials and provide a robust support for establishment of more modular refineries.

Osime added that discussions are ongoing with Ambrose Alli University to assist in training Nigerians for the oil and gas industries.

With what happened in Edo state on Thursday, Oshiomole has once again been disgraced and exposed by the Buhari administration as an unrepentant liar, mindless propagandist and a desperate character. It is obvious that since Edo people removed his dirty fingers from their treasury and he has been unable to have access to the state’s treasury for the maintenance of his opulent lifestyle with his runaway foreign wife, he has become destructive and dangerously desperate. It is also important to point out here that Oshiomole who was using Edo state money collected from market women and commercial vehicle drivers through cult boys and agberos like kabaka, for the construction of his private university in Iyamu is madly angry with Governor Obaseki stopping his looting of Edo State with his boys. Hence, he has sworn to do anything to get Edo treasury back into his pocket, including going to Aso Rock to lie to President Buhari, whom he believed would not have the time to visit the state to see things on ground for himself. Unfortunately, President Buhari bursted his bubble by sending people behind to verify Oshiomole’s claims and they were discovered to be lies.

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