It is incontestably shocking and trauma-inducing for objective faithful members of APC across the country to helplessly watch a party with buoyant promises and great future staggering into rapid decline. The supposed national ruling party has become weaker organizationally as the APC national executive has corrupted in focus and miserably diminished in capacity. The fairy tales and the manifesto loud-mouthed mantra of new and effective national leadership on which ex-governor Oshiomhole rode into the office of APC national chairmanship have mostly dissipated into clouds of odious scandals. It is now self-evident that the egoistic arrogant emperor-like model of governance of which Oshiomhole is famed was irreversibly ill-fated at the national level of party management. But Oshiomhole is neither capable of self-restraint nor endowed with a mindset to adjust his outlook in a new environment with a different set of challenges for societal progressive outcomes. Perhaps the ex-governor did not grasp the serious lesson that his style of ’god-fatherism’ and unchallenged dictatorial inclination in Etsako Local Government Area in Edo State will not be so easily accepted at the national level. Even now in Edo State, it is being reported that the people of the state are of the unanimity that the period of grace that they gave Oshiomhole as too long and that the ex-governor has proved to be a national embarrassment. Unfortunately, Oshiomhole’s self-absorbed stunted visions perpetually incapacitates the ex-governor to be uplifted to higher horizons of nobler kind of human interaction. Some analysts actually purport that the ex-governor is woefully devoid of the substantial pristine pedigree to measure up on the imperative metrics demanded a rejuvenated and respectable APC national leadership. Such commentators further contend that the man who is supposedly from Iyahmo in the remote outskirt of Auchi metropolis in Edo State mostly engages in extensive public dramatization, to ‘overcompensate‘ for other intensive personal shortcomings and deficiencies that he seeks to conceal from the larger society.
The result of decadent ‘’Oshiomholeism’ as an organizational principle is both foundationally flawed, laden with fraud and operationally chaotic. Instead of enhancing solidity for unity, the APC was breaking up into personality cults and cabals for 2023 presidential aspirants, instead of focusing and strategizing on primary elections that will facilitate the victory of the party in the general election, Oshiomhole led in the disastrous example of pushing favorite and preferred candidates of his own for nominations. Some other powerful leaders in the party joined in similar Oshiomhole’s conduct and hell consequently broke loose in APC primary process throughout the party’s landscape. Oshiomhole did not even care whether his preferred candidates had the electoral viability and the support of the people to deliver in the general election. It is alleged that sordid pecuniary consideration for the party’s leadership determined the candidates that were being pushed through the primaries by the national chairman. Of specific and significant reference is Zamfara State where it is alleged that Oshiomhole was facilitating the emergence of a close associate of the disgraced ex-finance minister Deziani Allison Madueke, for the governorship nomination of Zamfara State. In a more detailed story that will prove profoundly shocking to readers in future, the outcome of the massive loss of the governorship seat, three senatorial slots, 7 members of the House of Representative and 24 House of Assembly seats in Zamfara state was directly due to the combined greed and obstinacy of Oshiomhole and former Zamfara Governor Yari. These two morally challenged, fatally egoistic and apparently psychological maladjusted characters fought themselves to the point of inflicting bleeding and irreparable loss on the party with the consequence that APC members in the state felt that they were disenfranchised in the 2019 General Elections. Zamfara APC members feel that Oshiomhole, in particular, created the fertile grounds from which the PDP has now fetched buoyant political harvests from the internecine family bloodshed of the APC. It is understandable that a 2-thousand group of Zamfara APC youth recently sent a petition to President Buhari asking for an urgent investigation of the role that Oshiomhole played in the pre-election crisis that plagued and decimated the party in Zamfara State.
But such situations of utter defective party management and the elevation of self-interest over and above collective party victory by Oshiomhole was not limited to Zamfara State as there are about 900 court cases involving fellow APC members over primary elections in different parts of the country. Even with such a despicable record, Oshiomhole shamelessly, with a bizarre bravura, hangs on to his position as APC national chairman irrespective of the abysmally low acceptance by the generality of the party members within all the hierarchy of APC critical stakeholders. But the awareness has now risen to the point of awakened mass vigilance as it is now conclusive that Oshiomhole will destroy the APC, if the party is not rescued very quickly, from the greed and power-corrupt emperor –like proclivities of Oshiomhole.
The time is overdue for those who genuinely envisage APC as a credible mass political force in Nigeria and the African continent in the crucial years of the 21st Century to join redemption agenda of the real progressives in APC. The current tale being peddled by Oshiomhole and his handful of supporters about the victory of President Buhari must be justifiably exposed as fraudulent. Oshionmhole could hardly win his own local government and much less lead the mobilization for APC victory in the Presidential Election. Can Oshionmhole point to any single state of the nation where his personality, his credibility or his organizational ability engendered the victory of the party during 2019 General Election? Every earnest review shows that Oshiomhole’s national executive was more of a deficit than an asset to President Buhari’s campaign as the APC national Chairman was more engaged in petty internal battles and vindictive agenda and therefore very little time for the Presidential campaign.
The nationally and globally applauded victory of the President was principally due to the wide acceptance and image of Buhari. The President was indeed the pure catalyst for the mobilization of the Nigerian voters. If anything, ex-governor Oshiomhole was more of a diluting element in the campaign. In fact, the anti-corruption alliance within the APC was duly anxious that the image of characters like Oshiomhole could prove to be a liability and indelible stain to the APC Presidential Campaign.
It is now widely and historically ascertained that the core focus of the narcissism-based principle of the ideology of ‘Oshiomholesim’ is the promotion and the advancement of the person and aspiration of Oshionmhle. The so-called labour leader was determined to crush the rising labor party of Nigeria when he did not see the channel of opportunism for governorship through the workers’ party. That is how Oshionmhole constantly shifts his moral compass depending on where he could make personal gains of whatever sorts. The ex-Governor has constantly proved to be mercurial in friendship and loyalty in times of quintessential test. This is not the man that should be left at the helms of affairs of the party as President Buhari prepares for consolidation of the noble achievements of the past four years and to leave some outstanding legacies for the APC as the President sets some concluding milestones in his long career of distinguished public service in 2023.

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