By Emmanuel Ekeutomiye Esq.

“I was Governor of Anambra State for 8 years. I know the tribulation and campaign of calumny I had to suffer in the hands of powerful men for insisting that the resources of the State must be managed wisely for the good of all and not for servicing a few people. So when I saw Adams Oshiomole and his gang-up against you, I understand perfectly. But the good thing is that the common man know that you are for them.”

~~~Peter Obi.

His Excellency, Peter Obi doesn’t require introduction of any sort in the political, economic and social firmament of Nigeria. Here, we have a man who dabbled into the political terrain after many years of accomplished private sector career. A man who is reputed to have led the most successful State Government administration in the history of Nigeria. A man loved by his party, the opposition and even those who are apolitical. We are talking about the man who saved over N80bn for his State upon the completion of his 8 year term, at a time his counterparts from other States were leaving outrageous heap of debt for their successors to wallow in!

So Peter Obi came through. He came to identify with Obaseki. He came to solidarize with the man who has earned for himself, through dint of hard work and courageous deployment of the resources of the State for people-oriented projects, the sobriquet; “Wake and See Governor”!
There must be something Peter Obi know about Obaseki that is not visible to the unintelligible mind. There must be a lot the two of them share in common to have propelled the accomplished manager of men and resources to leave the comfort of his home this time around in search of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Every sincere and discerning minds may have no difficulty in unraveling this puzzle. We do not need to visit the Chief Priest of Ifa deity in order to know the reason Peter Obi is particularly interested in the reelection of Governor Godwin Obaseki, beyond the metrics and barometric of party affiliation. Just like Obaseki is earning today, Peter Obi earned for himself the anger and fury of the political godfathers and gladiators in Anambra State for not opening the State vault’s to be shared by lions and tigers. Peter Obi was derided, maligned and lampooned for not becoming a stooge to the alleged ‘Owners’ of Anambra State, but at the end he was victorious because the real masses of Anambra State stood with and by him!

Today, Obaseki is facing the same tribulation and harassment in the hands of the lions and tigers of Edo State with their leaders.
Today, Governor Godwin Obaseki and Comrade Philip Shaibu are paying the supreme price for insisting that the welfare of the masses and the electorates must be the primary purpose of governance! Today, they are being vilified for insisting that no Senatorial District of the State must be neglected in the developmental programs of the Government!

Would you rather stand akimbo and watch them consumed by the desperation of the uncircumcised Philistines or stand up and be counted among the nobles and Crusaders for a decent society? The choice is yours to make. I most humbly implore you to stand up today and be remembered for standing on the part of Justice, equity and fairness. Stand up for the masses today and say no to the godfathers so that history and posterity may judge you right. We must not allow the rod of the wicked to suppress the righteous, lest the righteous is tempted to put his hand into impurity.

We must consciously bear in mind that Obaseki would have successfully managed his relationship with Oshiomole by doing all his bindings and still enjoying his office and all the perquisites that come with it, save for his determination to obey the people rather than an individual. Obaseki is fighting our fight, we have a sublime duty to fight along with him. Obaseki could have agreed to be doing all that Oshiomole desires and continue to enjoy his office with Oshiomole’s support. But this man has courageously resolved to risk his exalted office just to give his people freedom and liberation from the hypocritical Apostle against godfatherism!

Truly, the tribulation and campaign of calumny Obaseki is facing in the hands of Adams Oshiomole and his gang of vipers today, is the price Obaseki is paying for electing to faithfully serve his People. Shall we let him down?

Vote Obaseki, vote PDP to permanently retire the godfathers, lions and tigers from Edo politics.


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