The Need for Nigerians active participation in the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Ministerial Roundtable

The second-ever International Religious Freedom Ministerial Roundtable will hold from July 15th to 19th 2019 in Washington DC, USA:

The roundtable is organized by the US Dept of State – the Policy Agency of the US Government that determines its Foreign policies directs and supervises its Foreign Embassies.

To be invited to hold a “side event” at the Ministerial Roundtable is both a privilege and honor.

Nigerian Diaspora in the US are the most educated of all immigrant population in the USA, contributing significantly to the US economy in such fields as medicine, education, engineering, law, etc.

Therefore, when it comes to the issues concerning the impending calamity of their homeland, Nigerian Diaspora in the US need to be heard from by the US Government and its people: The Ministerial Round table provides such an opportunity.

The USA is currently beleaguered by its southern border invasion of people, especially from Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, fleeing their troubled countries.

Citizens from other continents such as Africa, Asia, and the Far East have been identified among those taking flight from poverty and seeking economic opportunities in the USA, through its Southern border.

If immediate global intervention in Nigeria’s West African Cross-Regional Terrorism, as well as the Internal Colonization resulting from the overwhelming Cross-Border Migration of Africa’s Fulani population,  is not intervened, Nigeria may provide an unprecedented international refugee crisis, not only across the West African sub-region, but the crisis may overwhelm Europe and the USA.

The mutual dialogue between Nigeria and the USA, which the LiftUPNow Foundation “side event” provides will interrogate Nigeria’s tendencies towards becoming a failed state.

The event will hold on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 (Nigerian time of 7:00 pm and US Eastern time of 2:00 pm)

In order to have good audience participation from Nigeria and globally, the event will be live-streamed on YouTube.

Realtime interactive comments from Nigerians at home and abroad are vital to the success of this event.

Thank you.

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