The love journey of Roksie to the throne of Ultimate Love

The couple, ROKSIE (Rosie and Kachi), has won the season one of Ultimate Love, a dating reality show involving single male and female strangers living together in Aunty’s Love Pad.

The couple had won the hearts of fans of the show with plenty of ooh and aah moments in their journey as Love Guests.

From warming up to each other to becoming settled in their union, there are a lot of highlights in their love journey.

The couple defeated Iykeresa, Bolar, Double Chris, and Chivia in the finals to win the show.

Primary school teacher Rosie and entrepreneur Kachi will now walk away with a cash prize of N5.150m, gifts, N10m sponsored traditional wedding, and a house if they eventually get married.

Rosie & Kachi’s love journey:

“David, I picked your name three times! ” Rosie

It seemed as though Rosie was going to Couple Up with David Wilson after they initially cosied up to each other in the first few weeks of Ultimate Love.

It wasn’t until it was time to choose a partner that David Wilson picked late comer Presh Talker while Rosie picked him and Kachi – who had been eyeing Rosie from the beginning – picked her.

A visibly upset Rosie tried to keep it together but she later came down on David Wilson, accusing him of playing with her heart and humiliating her on national television. Kachi stood right by her side the whole time.

It took some time for Rosie to simmer down and get into things with Kachi. She blew hot and cold towards him after her outburst, saying that she just wanted to be friends.

He reciprocated that energy with anger, calling her “leftovers”. What followed was a process of acceptance which led the two to become friends, even developing inside jokes about Presh Talker and David Wilson who seemed to initially have a little trouble of their own that week.

How to stay calm 101 by Kachi

When things settled down, it became clear that Rosie is warming up to Kachi and becoming appreciative of the man that he is and the way that he shows her love. He handled her with patience and tact, always being cognisant of her feelings. Even that one time that Rosie tried to get into it with Ebiteinye and Obichukwu, all that Kachi said was “there’s an instance you will go where it will look like you are trying to interfere.” Take a look and learn one or two things from Kachi on how to handle a woman who is fuming:

Crushes to possibly crash Kachi

The Roksie ship was sailing nice and smooth until one Friday night party. Not one, but two Rosie crushes were brought into Aunty’s Love Pad and it was clear that Kachi could not keep calm! He kept on directing his gaze to the room where Rosie could be seen smiling and giggling with her potential suitors. He even needed to fan himself with a towel o!

“You need to meet my parents,” Kachi

Perhaps Rosie’s mystery visitors were the push that Kachi needed to love her harder. The pair could be seen in Aunty’s Love Pad bonding over meals, activities and – the sweetest – him helping her undo her braids. This moment was notable because he assured her that it’s not an issue that they are not of the same tribe, plus he shared that he would love for her to meet his parents, take a look:

“You’ll forever have peace,” Kachi

Aunty’s open Nominations added an interesting dynamic to how things played out in the Love Pad. No Couple was ever immune to the stress, including Rosie who had to be comforted by Kachi after they were Nominated numerous times. Love is sweet o! So a hug from your man can literally be all that you need?

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