The Hope Of A Drowning Man:Edoro Self Declaration As Speaker EDHA

The kiko hotel managers cannot be referred to as lawmakers

Let the rule of law leads, Oshiomhole cannot turn Edo state to a banana republic

By; *ORHIONexpress*

It is exactly one year since the 14 purported members elect of Edo state house of assembly selfishly refused to present themselves for inauguration to give a proper representation to their constituents..

Their seats were declared vacant in accordance with the provisions of the law after prolonged absence from legislative business, dancing to the selfish tone of their iyamho buff daddy, to the detriment of their constituencies.

As it stands now, the 14 purported lawmaker are unknown to law and parliamentary activities by virtue of their seats been declared vacant by the speaker of the seventh Edo state house of assembly, Rt. Hon Frank Okiye. For failure to present themselves for inauguration after the elapsement of the statutory stipulated period.

Having seen that the state do recognize their existence as a lawmakers anymore, being a state that believes in the absolute rule of law.

They had to console themselves by declaring one of them a purported speaker with the intention to keep their hope alive when it is already dead, from the shame that has consumed them long ago as a result of their selfish interest.

Indeed the Hope of a drowning man. A downing man will definitely hold on to anything for survival, unfortunately it is too late for Edoro and his co purported members elects, as their stake in the legislative business of the state have been forfeited long ago.

Conclusively, the 14 purported members elects who presented themselves to a kangaroo inauguration in kiko hotel outside the premises of the state assembly, can be properly referred to as hotel managers and not lawmakers. What a total mockery of themselves.

Edo state house of assembly still remain strong and focus, under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Frank okiye as speaker and Rt Hon. Asoro Roland as deputy speaker..


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