The crocodile tears of billionaire Hosa

Comrade Osamede Oghogho

In his long epistle to President Mohammadu Buhari, Edo born billionaire, Captain Hosa Okunbo made himself looked like a victim of Governor Godwin Obaseki onslaught on whoever is not supporting his second term ambition. Okunbo complained that Obaseki made his farm not to grow including a proposed fish farm al because he is accused of supporting Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. It was at the end of the letter he really exposed himself that he is somebody not trust what he says when he said he believed Edo should align with the federal government by returning to the APC.

To some people especially those that are always in his house, Captain Hosa should be untouchable because he is a so-called illustrious son of Benin kingdom. In the letter, Captain said his philanthropic works and support for the development of the state was what he is being maligned.

Captain Hosa deserve no pity. He is no philanthropist as he tried to make people believe in the letter. As he had thrown himself into the murky waters of politics, he should be ready to play in the mud like a pig.

In 2015, Captain Hosa led the onslaught against the APC because the PDP was in power in Abuja. He was present at almost all campaign rallies of the PDP because he was closed to Diezani and other oil thieves that held sway at that time. His messages at campaign rallies then was that it was time to displace late Chief Anenih from the corridors of powers in Abuja. Former President Goodluck Jonathan had people like Captain Hosa in mind when he said closed friends abandoned him immediately INEC announced APC winner of the 2015 Presidential election. Captain Hosa was the first to make a 360 degree to start supporting APC which made Oshiomhole to pour invectives of Chief John Oyegun when the latter had a meeting with Hosa on how the APC would win the remaining elections in 2015.

It is laughable for Captain Hosa to think himself a businessman of make people to believe he genuinely love them. The question Captain Hosa cannot tell anybody was how he came about his so-called billions of naira. His only known worl address was Okada Air owned by Chief Gariel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin Kingdom. His left Okada Air when he was 33 and later surfaced to say he was now a billionaire without telling anybody what business he went into after leaving Okada Air. Was his salary up to N100,000 while working as a pilot over 30 years ago? Why did he removed the ‘r’ in his surname to now be called Okunbo. One day, the answers will surface. Another question is where is the business address of Hosa in Benin City or any parts of the country until he built Well Carlton hotels in Abuja? We know the business addresses of Dangote, Adenuga, Otedola and other genuine rich men in the country.

Hosa has no known business in any parts of Edo State apart from a tomatoes farm. He also in the letters exposed himself that he set up the farm to get access to Central Bank loan. The price of the tomatoes grown through greenhouse is even out of reach for the poor. How do Hosa claim to love a people when they cannot get any wage from him? He cannot compete himself to likes of Chief Igbinedion, Uyi Oloton and many others who own businesses in the state where people are gainfully employed. To come to town once in a year and dish out few naira to those that could enter his gate is not any philanthropic work. The village of Hosa is Orhua in Uhunmwode local government. Okada is on the world map today through the singular effort of Chief Igbinedion but Hosa has never identified with his roots. His kinsmen do not say anything good about him. No scholarship from him for indigent students from his village, no annual health care outreach or any support for the old and poor of Orhua yet Hosa will say he loved his people.

Hosa is not crying out because he love the ordinary man. He cried out to Buhari because the free money he had access to during the President Jonathan era has seized. Even in Edo State, the contracts he got through cronies that were never executed are coming back to haunt him and he is crying. His only job is to get contract to protect pipelines.

Edo people is urged not to have pity for Captain Hosa as he expected. He does not love the poor. A man like him could not say he blind to the good works of Governor Obaseki. He cannot say he does not see that pensioners and local governments workers are no longer protesting in the streets as they always during the time of Oshiomhole. He will not say he is not using the night landing facility built by Obaseki at the Benin Airport. If he really cares for the ordinary Edo man, he will know that public schools in Edo are now the best in West Africa. Captain would have know about the reforms in Edo health sector and others like the modular refinery, Ossiomo power project and others.

The letter to Buhari is dead on arrival. Buhari knows Governor Obaseki is working for the people and ungodly men like Captain Hosa will not derail Edo progress.

Comrade Osamede Oghogho is the National Coordinator ‘Bury Godfatherism

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