There are compelling moments in the affairs of humanity when individuals and groups are obligated to rise to the challenges of the times and make decisions for the greater good of their society and posterity.

Any unbiased assessment of the political situation in Edo State today will yield the conclusion, that all concerned citizens and residents of the state, must confront the urgency to ensure that the trajectory of Good Governance is not truncated in our times.

As the name of the group projects, Godwin Obaseki Brigade, is endowed with the mission to mobilize Edo people across political lines, with a common vision and determination, to ensure that the affairs of our state is secured in stable and uncontaminated hands.

The goal of the Brigade is not necessarily about political party affiliation, but the quality and character of the candidates in quest for leadership.
Providentially and, perhaps, coincidentally, Edo State has witnessed phenomenal progress in various sectors from education to job creation, agriculture and infrastructure under the leadership of Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki.The achievements of the Governor have been described by an overwhelming majority of the people, from across the political spectrum, as unprecedented and remarkable. More so, non-partisans on the streets are particularly excited about the Governor’s successful first tenure.

The Brigade therefore seeks to create a platform, where the sole resolution and the principal interest of the participants, is the emergence of persons with sincerity of purpose, the skills and vital qualifications to lead Edo people. Hence, our exigent obligation now is to ensure the re-election of Governor Obaseki.

For us on this platform, we welcome the diversity of opinions and variety political affiliations as long as the ultimate goal is the quest for Good Governance and civilizing democracy in Edo State.

We stand solidly with the Governor for the 2020 Election. We could deliberate about similar support for credible candidates in future elections under the same banner.

But for the immediate, we urge the people of Edo State to answer the passionate call of History, to join this movement for the re-election of Governor Obaseki to ensure the process of progressive continuity. Participants at this forum can volunteer in various ways for the accomplishment of the urgent agenda ahead of us.

Re-electing Governor Obaseki is the obligation of our times.
Your vote! Your voice! Your strength!

Oteghe Adams

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