1. Dr. Mohammed Mustapha Lecky (a Commissioner in INEC) has been fingered in the evil plot by 3 of our snooping rabbits dispatched to snoop around INEC operations. Mustapha was found to be a very influential member of the most sensitive committee called ELECTORAL OPERATIONS & LOGISTICS COMMITTEE (EOLC) chaired by Prof Okechukwu O. Ibeanu. This committee is in charge of all election materials and all logistics concerning their deployment to polling centers. He boasted to Oshiomhole that he is able to bring the Professor onboard the rigging plot. Our snooping rabbits can confirm that the evil plotters have perfected two tactics. The first tactic is to delay election materials from reaching the polling units where PDP/Obaseki is very popular. To this end, all the polling units in Edo Central have been marked for this delay, in the pretence of contrived “logistics hitches”. The second tactics is to release a sizeable number of forms EC8A, the documents where the polling units results are entered, to Oshiomhole so that concocted results are prepared while “awaiting the reports from field boys”. Our snooping rabbits were not able to establish what “awaiting reports from field boys mean”, but we strongly suspect that it implies the disruption of sorting & counting by the imported thugs in the polling units where Obaseki is winning. This will enable them find their way to the collation centers with those pre-written results sheets in their possession. This, according to the plot, will be done with the help of compromised INEC staff and security operatives. If the submission and acceptance of these results becomes problematic, they would opt for the plan-B, which is to ensure the results of such polling units are cancelled to force an inconclusive scenario on the process. To this end, Mustapha presently working hard to ensure INEC accepts only the list of APC names submitted by Oshiomhole for the adhoc recruitment of polling units Presiding Officers and their Assistants (POs and APOs). Our snooping rabbits are still monitoring each conversation and each step of theirs and would continue to update the general public.

2. Austin Braimah (a member of Police Service Commission) has been co-opted to compromise the Policemen on election security duty, promising them unmerited promotions. One of our snooping rabbits dispatched to Braimah’s house eavesdropped his phone conversations, persuading officers of police formations across Edo state to be lenient with APC thugs and work for APC project. He offers both money and unmerited promotions to those he speaks to. Our snooping rabbit attached to his house is still snooping for the minute details of his involvement in the evil rigging plot. As law-abiding citizens, we have made an official report to the DSS to do the needful about the subversive activities of Braimah, a man who was entrusted with a sensitive position to supervise the services of the Nigerian Police. We hope the DSS is already doing what she knows how to do best.

Edo state is in the eye of the storm. The entire world is watching.

BHR MEDIA TEAM, firing live from everywhere.

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