A careful perusal of the letter reveals the following:
1. The letter referenced APC/EDO/12/20, is dated 15/07/2020 and signed by Lawrence Okah, the APC secretary in Edo state. It was received by the recipient the same day the letter was written.
2. The official address stated on the letterhead claims that the Edo state secretariat of APC is still located at No 18 Ighiwiyisi street, off airport road.
3. In the first sentence of the letter, Okah stated that he has obtained the consent of the state chapter of the party to write the said letter.
4. And the subject matter of the “authorized letter” is the transfer of the case FHC/B/CS/69/2020 which is before Hon. Justice M.G Umar from the Benin Division to Abuja division. Okah’s reason is that the judge is biased, perhaps under the influence of Edo state government.

1. The lawful address of Edo state chapter of the APC is located at #59, Airport road, not the fake one stated on the letterhead Okah used. A court of competent jurisdiction has affirmed this position and any act contrary that court decision amounts to contempt of court. Lawrence Okah is therefore walking on very dangerous legal ground, which could lead him to prison.
2. First, under an objective political scrutiny, Lawrence Okah cannot write on behalf of Edo State APC because he has been constitutionally removed from office since November last year and replaced by Hon Osamudiamen Edekere.
3. Secondly, the lawful state chairman of APC in the state is Hon. Anselm Ojezua. His office address is located at #59, Airport road. Even if, for the benefit of this argument, Okah is assumed to be lawful state secretary, Ojezua is the one enabled by law to give the requisite directive to him before he can write such letter. Ojezua couldn’t have issued such directive from a fake address shown in Okah’s letterhead.
4. It is therefore be safely concluded that Okah must have acted alone without the required lawful directive from the state chairman, or he must have obtained the purported consent from an illegal chairman, or he must have even obtained the consent from Oshiomhole, who wrote an illegal letter to INEC informing her of a purported relocation of the state secretariat !That letter and its content is therefore spurious, null, void, and of no effect.
5. Even the content of the unlawful letter is suspicious. How can a litigant to a case accuse the presiding judge of bias, and seek to transfer the case to a specified court of his choice? Has the litigant made some arrangement with the Abuja court where he wants the case transferred to? What is he afraid of? Even if there is a genuine case to merit a transfer, why not allow the chief judge to exercise his discretion or ask for a transfer to the nearest judicial division as expressly directed by the chief judge of the federal high court? Besides, a federal high court is just a court of first instance whose decision can be appealed at the Court of Appeal, and even taken up to the Supreme court. Why the “frustration” and the desperate attempt to relocate the case to a court of his choice?
6. It suffices to recall that the litigant filed the case by himself in the Benin Division which has 2 Judges. The matter is yet to be assigned to either of the judges. Is the litigant saying both judges are biase? So many questions begging for answers.

As we ruminate over this disturbing development, all members of the Harmless Rabbits Team have met vide Zoom and concluded that this subject deserves some harmless shots. Where is our gun?

BHR MEDIA TEAM, firing live from everywhere.

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