News Development……

1. Oshiomhole Cancels The Meeting Rescheduled For 10pm In His Okorotun GRA Benin Residence, Escapes To His Iyamho Country Home.

2. Due To The Revelations Of The Sinister Election Rigging Plots In The Meeting Held At The Aiguobasinmi Residence Of The Benin Billionaire, The Meeting Was Rescheduled For 10pm At the Okorotun GRA, Benin Residence of Oshiomhole.

3. The Meeting Was Later Hurriedly Cancelled & Oshiomhole Quickly Rushed Down To His Iyamho Residence. He Left For Iyamho At Exactly 6:08pm and Arrived Auchi At 8:12pm.

4. Our Harmless Snooping Rabbits In Auchi Branch Immediately Dissolved Into The Midst Of Some Hired Youths Waiting At Auchi Polytechnic Gate. They Were Procured By Victor Oshioke, A Domestic Servant Of Oshiomhole.

5. Our Snooping Rabbits Monitored Oshiomhole To The Location Where He Came Out Of His Black SUV, And Decked With A Nose Mask & Armed With A White & Red Public Address System, He Addressed The Youths In The Gusto Of A Deflated & Deposed Iyamho Community Youths Leader.

6. Meanwhile, Our Snooping Rabbits In The Benin Division Patiently Monitored The Thugs Led By Tony Kabaka Until They Ended Up In A Club Near Country Home Hotel, Where They Were Drinking & Spraying Money. They Spray The Monies In 100 Naira Bundles (Not Notes)!

7. However, Something Interesting Happened At The Club. Tony Kabaka Was Seen Running & Escaping To Hide In A Toilet For Inexplicable Reasons. Our Rabbits Will Snoop Further to Ascertain The Reason For That Tactical Manoeuvre And Then Report Accordingly. The Developments In Oshiomhole Iyamho Residence Shall Also Be Reported As Our Snooping Rabbits Succeeded In Sneaking Into The Mansion.

Please Stay Tuned……

BHR Media Team, firing live from everywhere.

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