Technology threat to job security – TUC

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC)has predicted that there would be massive job loss as a result of technology taking over human functions at workplaces.

The President of TUCComrade QuadriOlaleye said this at a workshop organised by the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) to mark the World Day for Decent Work 2019 in Lagos.

Olaleye said that there should be due consultation with Labour Unions and payment of severance allowance to those that would lose their jobs due to the technology overtake. He made it known that unions and workers generally needed to come to the realization of the trend and seriously prepare for the challenges ahead.

“In an environment enabled by technology and digital devices, job opportunities are usually affected. In Nigeria, automation is still developing but we must not pretend as if it will not get to us soon, it is here already,” he said.

Technology threat to job security - TUC 

Also present at the workshop was the National President of ASSBIFI, Comrade Oyinkan Olasanoye, who spoke on the pros and cons of technology in workplaces.

According to Olasonoye, technology has brought relative convenience and speed to job delivery as it has enhanced customer service, improved efficiency, productivity and reduced human error, particularly in the finance sector.

However, she disclosed that technology had also changed the scope of work, how it’s done and where it is done.

What this means: While the positive effects of technology cannot be overemphasized, there are negatives to it as well.  Technology aids workers in being more efficient as its impact on work both in manufacturing and in communication has exponentially increased the rate of production and speed at which business is carried out.

Nevertheless, there are downsides to it too which include the undermining of the value derived from employees as increased cognitive load and diminished employee performance would be caused by technology. This is why there is a need to be a balance so that the lines will not be blurred and employees will not feel useless or undervalued

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