Stella Damasus Shares Powerful Words With Fans As She Discloses What Her Mother-In-Law Told Her

Nigerian actress and singer Stella Damasus has motivated her fans with some words of wisdom.

The actress who recently lost her mother-in-law shares light on how fear can be a hindrance in a person’s life and how to overcome the ‘Policeman of the devil’ as Mama Lucy calls it.

Stella wrote: “My mother inlaw MAMA LUCY, used to say “FEAR is the policeman of the devil” when she preached. Fear will stand guard and make sure that you don’t hear from God and you don’t trust him. Fear will arrest you and lock you up in the prison of your mind so that you can’t achieve your purpose in life.

“Fear will put you in solitary confinement for years to damage your self-esteem and relationship with others. Fear will lock you up in a state of poverty mentality so that all that you think about is take take take and never give give give.

“Fear makes you think everyone is against you and after you so that you don’t see the good in others. I can go on and on about fear.

“Take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what FEAR has done to you. Answer the question honestly and break the chains today.

“God has power over any prison. As his child, you have the power and authority to blast the gates open and walk right out. Stay strong.”

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