Shock, disbelief as popular broadcaster Dan Foster dies

Multiple sources confirming the death of the Nigerian-American said he succumbed to COVID-19 complications.

His death sent shockwaves down the social media.

Frank Edoho of the popular ‘Want to be a Millionaire’ show wrote: “I just got off the phone, my friend Oscar confirmed that Dan Foster has passed on. This is a very very dark year. How can I overcome this unending melancholy. Rest in Peace, dear Friend”.

JJ Omojuwa reacted twice, first of all finding the news unbelievable.

“Let the Dan Foster news be a lie. Let it be a lie”, Omojuwa prayed.

Later, accepting the reality of Foster’s passage, Omojuwa tweeted a tribute:

“Dan Foster’s voice was a huge part of my growing up. His voice on Cool FM. His playfulness. His kindness. Long before I saw what he looked like, his voice communicated his personality in a way no picture needed to. This one is one loss too many. This is a really sad day.”

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