Nigerian businessman turned lawmaker, Shina Peller, has issued a brief statement on Instagram hours after he was arrested and later released by the police in Lagos.

In the statement, he thanked all those who showed support during the ordeal. He also promised to issue a detailed statement later, as the issue for which he was arrested is still being addressed. In the meantime, he said he is off to Iseyin (his constituency) where he would be spending his Christmas holiday.

“Hello my people, I want to thank everyone for the outpour of love and support over the events that occurred yesterday. I am fine and in good spirits.

“Currently heading to iseyin to spend xmas with my constituents.
All issues are being addressed at the appropriate level and I will release a formal statement in due course…”

Just to keep you to speed in case you’ve been too busy with Christmas, the popular businessman and owner of Quilox Nightclub was arrested at Maroko Police Station on Monday, December 23rd.

The arrest followed a series of events, including hours of non-stop clubbing at Quilox. Nairametrics understands that the 36-hours non-stop clubbing which was declared by Peller, had caused serious traffic gridlock within and around the axis where the club is located.  This is because many of the clubbers had parked their cars by the sides of the road, thereby obstructing traffic.

The Lagos State Government supposedly intervened in a bid to address the situation. In the process, some of the clubbers/customers at Quilox were allegedly arrested and taken to the Maroko Police Station. Quilox night club was also sealed off.

Surprisingly, Shina Peller had gone to the police station to bail those who were arrested when he too was detained. Peller’s Press Secretary, Kola Popoola, reportedly said the following:

“Honourable Shina Peller was at the Maroko Police Station to bail some of Club Quilox’s customers, who allegedly parked on the road during a show at the club.

“Prior to the kick-off of the 36-hour non-stop show, which usually holds every year at Quilox, Peller had informed concerned Lagos traffic authorities (in order) to avoid unnecessary gridlock.

“On getting to the Maroko Police Station, the police started harassing him and even went as far as seizing all his phones for no reason.”

On the other hand, the police said businessman/politician was arrested after he “invaded the station with thugs and forcefully removed three seized vehicles”. Apparently, five other alleged thugs were also detained alongside the politician. He was also accused of causing “noise pollution” due to the loud music coming from his club.