See what FG said Nigerians should tell on the mountain, and how the people reacted

The Nigerian presidency released a rather interesting video on Twitter, yesterday, encouraging Nigerians to rejoice over the little progress Nigeria is making despite the many challenges facing the country. The six minutes long montage, which has so far been viewed by nearly ten thousand people, mostly showed President Muhammadu Buhari attending various functions, even as the voice of a female narrator could be heard reciting what sounded like a poem on Nigeria.

So, what are we telling on the mountain?

According to the narrator, Nigeria has its own problems, just like many other countries around the world. However, these problems should not be the only things for which Nigeria is known for. Instead, there is a need to celebrate every little success while “looking at the silver lining in the sky”.  She even highlighted some of the “massive investments” in infrastructure that have taken place recently, including the following:

  • Nigeria’s locomotive rail projects.
  • The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway which never seems to be completed.
  • The narrator even reminded Nigerians that the economy is now diversified and that there are many rice farmers helping to make Nigeria sufficient in rice production. Now, let’s be reminded that the prices of rice and other food items are soaring in the markets.
  • She also mentioned that we should rejoice over the “strides” made in the area of security. Tell that on the mountain!

In all fairness, President Buhari’s administration has made efforts. To a large extent, “the economy is being re-tooled” as the narrator pointed out. The country’s inflation has even dropped significantly to 11.8% from a high of nearly 20% just some years ago. Let’s not forget that the President has been aggressive in his fight against corruption, even as some of the recovered money has been used to take care of the poor as the FG disclosed last week.

But some Nigerians are not ready to tell anything on the mountain 

Despite the passionate narrative in this clip, it doesn’t appear as though Nigerians are impressed, at least going by their responses. Many of them think this is pure propaganda which is absolutely unnecessary. Njoku Isaac very well captured this sentiment with his comment.

Meanwhile, Tosin Oluyemi seemed more interested in knowing how much it cost to produce the video. He gave no reason as to why he needed this information. So, we can only wonder why.

Interestingly, someone pointed out that “the 70s type propaganda video” is depressing and as such, incapable of exciting anybody. The commenter even implied that the Presidency’s media have a long way to go.

A bright future?

Despite the many negative comments, some other Nigerians got the message and the purpose for which it was intended. As Olusanya Oluwasegun acknowledged, Nigeria is moving forward. It is expected that a time will come when Nigerians will look back at the challenges they faced today and see them no more.

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