Samklef calls out Tunde Ednut on social media

Nigerian music producer Samuel Oguachuba populalrly known as Samklef has called out Instagram influencer Tunde Ednut for blocking him and music executive Ubi Franklin after they started their own Instagram channels.

The 35-year-old singer expressed his shock on how Tunde Ednut still had “Naija competitive mentality” because he started his own Instagram channel.

He added that the sky is too wide for every bird to fly, citing that Jay Z, Puff Daddy, and Rick Ross run similar businesses but are still friends till date.

He wrote: “I believe the sky is large enough for everybody to shine. No be only one brand of moto dey this world! Jay-Z has Ace of spade, Puff Daddy has Ciroc and Rick-Ross has Belaire Rose and all of them are making money and still friends in business.

“I’m shocked that someone I thought was my guy’ who came to see me in my hotel’ even brought a drink, and we drank together, we celebrated his new car and took photos together blocked me on Instagram 3days after, without any issues.”

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