Sale and use of pre-registered SIM card, Illegal- NCC Official warns

In line with the Commission’s mandate to ban pre-registered sim cards, Emilia Nwokoro, Southeast Zonal Controller of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has strictly cautioned against the sale of pre-registered sim cards. She noted that sale of such products is criminal.

She made this statement during a courtesy visit to the zonal office of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu.

The Commission moves: Nwokoro noted that the commission has begun to move about mopping up unregistered sim cards and warned customers to make sure their sim was duly registered. She also advised against the patronage of roadside sim card sellers.

The sale and usage of pre-registered SIM cards are illegal and that is why we are mopping up such cards.

Our enforcement team is already in the field clamping down on those selling such cards by the roadside,” she said.

Recall that Nigeria’s Communication Minister, Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami set September 25th, 2019 as the deadline for registration of all sim cards in the country, after which pre-registered or partially registered sim cards would cease to exist in the country.

Ali Isa Ibrahim Pantami, 5G network

The exercise reduced the number of improperly registered SIM cards from 9.2 million to 2.42 million within one week.

Restating the commission attempts in providing better network, she advised subscribers to get better services by porting to any network of their choice.

When a subscriber is not satisfied with the telecom operator, he has the right to port and this affords him the opportunity to change to any network of his choice while retaining his original number,” She said.

She urged subscribers to take advantage of the toll-free line by the commission to give feedback about the services rendered to them by their network providers. On its part, she said the NCC has intervened in issues like data roll-over, unsolicited message and data depletion. She assured the public that they will continually get value for their money, hence the visit.

What you should know: Nwokoro’s public enlightenment visit is part of the Commission’s numerous moves in clamping down on the sale and usage of pre-registered SIM cards in the telecommunication industry.

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