Rome wasn’t built in a day – Innoson reacts to criticism of its vehicles

Innoson Vehicles (IVM) has reacted to the criticism received over the ability of the company’s design engineers, stating that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The originality of Innoson’s car designs was called into question after some Nigerians called it a replica of Benz and Chinese vehicle brand, BAIC Motors.

The striking resemblance between Innoson SUV and BAIC BJ80 resulted in a series of condemnation and accusation of the Nigerian vehicle manufacturer being a replica. The criticism is just one of the many challenges Nigerian manufacturers struggle with in Nigeria.

Penetrating the Nigerian market has been difficult for Nigerian manufacturers because the market is saturated with foreign-made products which are often rated above local producers. While cement manufacturers like Dangote and BUA have succeeded in making the cement market theirs, manufacturers of some other products have struggled against foreign-made products. Innoson Vehicles is, however, unperturbed about the criticism that trailed its vehicles.

Mixed reactions trail value of Innoson’s car, its copycat design of Chinese vehicle

Rome wasn’t built in a day: In a series of tweets on the company’s Twitter page, Innoson said there’s room for improvement on its vehicles and it’s in no rush because Rome wasn’t built in a day. According to the company, it is steadily growing to become one of the greatest exports from Nigeria.

The Nigerian automaker stated thatInnoson vehicles were tailored to meet local taste and consumer preferences of the African region, stating that as the reason it often seeks feedback from its customers to input in next phase of production

“Rome was not built in a day and the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Innoson Vehicles will continue to grow steadily, closing the gap little by little, improving on its vehicles and services till it becomes one of the greatest exports from Nigeria,” the company said.

No hanky-panky: Imitation is frowned at by originators of designs in the automotive industry and manufacturers that are caught are often sued. But Innoson defended its production, stating that it operates within global practices.

“Innoson Vehicles employ international best practices in the production of its vehicles

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