Reactions as Dija kicks against child marriage

Nigerian singer-songwriter Hadiza Blell, better known by her stage name Di’Ja took to Twitter to take a stand against child marriage.

The mum of 3 and Mavin Records label artiste in a series of tweet stated that a law should be put in place to allow girls development before sexual intercourse.

She also opined that although the Muslim religion uses early marriages to nip promiscuity, a girl should get to the age of 18 at least before involving in marital acts.

Check out the exchange between her followers and herself below.

Dija who was born in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, a region plagued with child marriage further stated that early childbirth is a major cause of Obstetric fistula.

According to UNFPA (The United Nations Population Fund,) Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and tragic childbirth injuries. A hole between the birth canal and bladder and/or rectum, caused by prolonged, obstructed labor without access to timely, high-quality medical treatment.

It leaves women leaking urine, faeces or both, and often leads to chronic medical problems, depression, social isolation and deepening poverty.

Causes include injury during childbirth, cancer, radiation therapy and surgical complications. Depending on the size and location of the fistula, there may be foul-smelling vaginal discharge or passage of stool from the vagina.
Some such fistulas may close on their own, but most need to be repaired surgically.

In 2009, Dija released her first single “Rock Steady”, which was nominated for Best Urban/R&B Single at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards.

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