R. Kelly begs to be freed from prison

Disgraced American singer and songwriter, Robert Sylvester Kelly widely known as R. Kelly has made yet another plea to the judge to let him out of jail, claiming he has proof he is vulnerable to COVID-19.

This is coming weeks after the court denied his first request to be freed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 53-year-old singer is currently being held at the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he is awaiting trial on racketeering, sexual misconduct and other charges in three jurisdictions.

The singer’s lawyer filed documents, obtained by TMZ, asking the judge to release his client pending his trial and claiming the Bureau of Prisons failed to disclose Kelly’s medical tests from March showing he is “likely diabetic.”

In documents, Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg also claims the singer has high cholesterol and high blood pressure, further putting him in a vulnerable position if he contracts the deadly coronavirus while penned up at MCC Chicago.

Eleven days prior, the judge overseeing the case denied the singer’s second request to be released from custody while awaiting trial.

Greenberg says Kelly just learnt that he tested “1/10 of one point below diabetic, at the very top of the high-risk category.”

That new diagnosis coupled with the fact that Kelly is overweight and suffers from high blood pressure and cholesterol issues puts him at high risk of serious complications if infected with COVID-19, according to Greenberg.

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