Premier League to announce season ‘is over’

Udinese Director, Pierpaolo Marino has claimed that the Premier League will soon release a statement announcing that the season “is over.”

Marino’s Udinese is also controlled by Watford owners, the Pozzo family.

He said the EPL will cancel the rest of the season’s games amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Marino told Sportitalia, “The Belgian Federation has already sanctioned the end of their league, despite the threats of sanctions from UEFA.

“In England, the Premier League is about to release a similar statement, because the situation there is becoming very, very serious. I frankly just hope we can enjoy football again after the coronavirus.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes, we need to get out of this danger zone. I am worried about the next seasons, not the old one.”

Marino’s claims is coming despite Premier League’s statement last week that they will return to action, “when it is safe and appropriate to do so.”

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