Popular Nollywood actress reveals spiritual life

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, has disclosed a personal detail about herself as it concerns her spiritual life.

The mother of two said she isn’t one to accept every single thing that comes from a self-proclaimed or titled individual.

The actress also stated that blindly following religion created by man isn’t her style because she has a personal relationship with God.

Sharing on Instagram, the actress wrote: “I don’t follow or conform to popular religious doctrines. I am not one to follow religion created by man blindly. I have a personal and beautiful relationship with God. I accept and publicly declare that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior, without fear or shame.

“I study to show myself approved. I don’t put my trust or accept every single thing that comes from a self proclaimed or titled individual. Know God and love him. WORK OUT YOUR (OWN) SALVATION.”

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