Patricia Launches New Products…firm set to change the narrative.

Patricia Technologies Limited users now have something to be excited about as the company, Africa’s number one Giftcards and Bitcoin trading company recently launched a fleet of new Features ranging from Bank Account Number System, A Unique Bitcoin Wallet and Refill into the market recently available for Nigerian Users.


The company expanded the Patricia Wallet to now include a  Naira Wallet, A Bitcoin Wallet and Bank Account Number system.

With the Patricia wallet feature, users would be able to hold balances with Patricia and use these balances to perform transactions within and outside the Patricia ecosystem.

The Patricia Wallet has two main wallet systems and they are:

  1. The Naira Wallet which allows users to hold Naira Balances with Patricia. This wallet can be funded using the following methods:
  2. Bank Transfer (newly launched account number assigned to every user)
  3. Debit/Credit Card
  4. Successful completion of Trade of an item on Patricia.

What this means is that Patricia users will have a unique 10-digit Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) that can be used for transactions. Just like every other Bank Account, you can send and receive money using this account while performing other transactions right from the comfort of your home.

  1. The BTC Wallet allows users to hold BTC Balances with Patricia. Users would have unique a wallet address that can be used to send and receive BTC to and fro BTC other/any BTC platform.

The e-commerce giant has moved from just buying and selling, to also storage as anyone can now store BTC with Patricia.


This is where it gets even more interesting-the Patricia REFILL. This allows you to do a lot with Refill, you can make all your bills payments and subscriptions like Dstv subscriptions, electricity payment, airtime and data subscriptions. How do you do this? That’s simple, with your Patricia wallet balance (Naira or Bitcoin) you can do more with life, no stress, no hassle, just a tap on your button.

In an interactive session during the product launch, the Founder/CEO of PATRICIA Mr. Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, said “we are excited to introduce these products– We keep on pushing the limits of what is possible for us, this is one move closer to building an ecosystem, an ecosystem where business online is Faster, Smarter and More convenient. These new products will allow us to offer even more selections and faster delivery to new and existing users”.

“This is the latest among the many products we intend to push out this year, and there is still many more to come,” he concluded.

Patricia expects these new products to create more than 300 new full-time jobs over time as operations reach full capacity. Job seekers interested in learning more about Patricia’s new positions and how to apply for open roles should visit[]

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