Partial lockdown guidelines for businesses from May 4

As Lagos State prepares to start the gradual easing of the lockdown, as directed by the Federal Government, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has rolled out guidelines for businesses operating under the partial lockdown.

In an evening broadcast on Wednesday, Sanwo-Olu listed out what would be obtainable for businesses in Lagos State from May 4.

Malls and open markets

According to the Governor, all open markets would only be allowed to open from 9 am to 3 pm on selected days, and everyone is still expected to adhere to the precautionary measures.

“Everyone attending these markets and stores will be mandated to observe precautionary measures of social distancing and very high levels of personal and hand hygiene,” he said.

Malls would also be expected to maintain a 60% occupancy, in line with the physical distancing rules, with hand sanitisers, washbasins, and temperature checks as compulsory requirements at entry points.

Eateries and restaurants

As was previously obtainable, eateries and restaurants will only receive walk-in customers, and offer delivery services from the hours of 9 am to 3 pm.

Sanwo-Olu emphasised that all staff and food handlers must undergo thorough and ‘exhaustive health checks’ and maintain high levels of personal hygiene while attending to customers.

“Food handlers are also mandated to wear masks and hand gloves at all times; particularly during the preparation and serving of the food.

“Hand sanitizers and/or washbasins must be provided at all entry points, and temperature checks must be carried out periodically throughout the period they are open for business,” he maintained.

Transporters of foods and essential goods

The Governor stated that all trucks carrying agricultural produce to and from Lagos from any part of the country are forbidden from carrying more than 7 passengers, irrespective of the size.

He referred to the recent interception of a truck that had smuggled passengers amidst the agricultural produce which it was supposed to convey and stressed that this would be strictly monitored and checked in the coming weeks.

Schools and Religious institutions

All educational institutions in the state are to remain physically closed and continue with the alternative channels already being explored.

All places of worship are to remain closed from any form of gathering, the Governor said, advising the Muslims who have just commenced the Ramadan fast to observe all prayers and meals from their homes.

Transportation businesses to adhere to an overnight curfew

For operators in the public transportation sector, the State Government reeled out several measures which would control the rate of transmission, particularly the regular sanitising of vehicles, parks and garages before and after embarking on trips.

In line with the overnight curfew, public transporters will only operate from 6 am to 6 pm.

Drivers, conductors and passengers are expected to wear face masks at all times while washing and/or sanitizing hands regularly.

Transport operators (both on land and waterways) are to provide handwashing equipment, sanitisers and temperature checks at the parks and in vehicles, while ensuring that their vehicles are only 60% filled, in line with the physical distancing rules.

Offices and other businesses

The Governor noted that in this ‘controlled easing phase’, offices and businesses would be allowed to operate between 9 am and 3pm, at a maximum of 60% of their workforce.

Partial lockdown guidelines for businesses from May 4

A minimum of 2-meter distance is to be maintained among staff and customers in the common areas, while the elevators can only be used at 50% capacity.

Hand sanitisers, hand washing equipment, and temperature checks are expected to be put in place at entry points.

He, however, encouraged companies to continue to explore online and remote working for as long as is practicable, in order to reduce the human traffic on the roads; and to make arrangement for staff’s transportation to workplaces in order to reduce the risk of contagion.

Banks are exempted from this directive, having already received permission from the Federal Government to reopen their branches and offer full complements of their services.

The banks will stay open to customers from 9 am to 3 pm daily, with regular cleaning and decontamination of the banking halls and ATM points.

Sanwo-Olu called on whistle-blowers to report companies that fail to adhere to the directives, assuring that their identities would be protected.

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