Panic as Bubonic plague kills second person in China

Another person, not yet identified, has been killed in a bubonic plague outbreak in China.

He was the second to die in days from the horror bug known as the “Black Death”, which wiped out half of European population in the 14th Century.

According to reports, the latest victim was from northern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

He died from multiple organ failure on Friday, the Bayannao’er city health commission said on its website.

A person infected by Bubonic Plague

One person from the same region died from the disease just last week in Baotou, with the city then issuing level-three epidemic warnings.

The Bayannao’er, or Bayannur, commission has sealed off the area where the victim lived, reports British tabloid The Sun.

A total of seven close contacts of the deceased, who has not been named, have been placed under medical observation but all have tested negative for the plague and had no symptoms.

On Thursday, the Baotou city health commission confirmed another person died of a different form of the disease four days earlier.

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