It is now beyond any controversy to regrettably posit that ‘things are falling apart ‘in the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC. It is not merely that the ‘center cannot hold’ in the national leadership of the congress, but more tragically concerning is the fact that the very agency that was supposed to be the coordinating, organizing and stabilizing anchor for the party has gone berserk and run amok. A scenario of jungle anarchy and organizational confusion has indeed been foisted on our once disciplined and increasingly revered mass organization on the African political landscape. The APC, with its reputed asset of honour enough to engender an unprecedented constitutional peoples’ revolution in 2015, is today besieged by the noxious deficit of character and the gigantic dishonor that the party’s national chairman represents.
Oshiomhole is now literally a disrobed diminutive masquerade roaming stark naked in the market place of crass opportunism and irredeemable egotism. APC is suffering as Oshiomhole shamelessly maneuvers to advance only his own interest for unrestrained materialism and political supremacy. When it comes to the arena of self-interestedness, Oshiomhole has no qualms but to snappily betray agreed on collective principles; at such times, those who do not know Oshiomhole intimately will be surprised that the supposed Comrade (or Come-and-raid) will even quickly abandon the spirit of the popular labor slogan to which he once feigned commitment years ago. In such vulture-like instances, the national chairman would rapidly and roguishly translate ‘’ Solidarity for Ever ‘’ to ‘’Oshiomhole for Ever’. Diseased and dyed with such psychological and pathological syndrome, he does not give the least care about the collective fortunes of the party and, he would in desperation, do anything and everything for his own survival.
A recent scandalous manifestation of such Oshiomholeic political scam was an attempt by the ex-governor and his errand boys to fictionalize an attack on the national chairman at his residence in Benin City, Edo State. Uncaring that such a deliberate and dangerous false rumor could unnecessarily heat up the polity, the national chairman and his cohorts still went ahead to ’cry wolf’, to garner unwarranted attention and misplaced sympathy. Since then, the Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Dan Mallam Muhammed has forthrightly stipulated that there was nothing remotely resembling a gang attack on Oshiomhole. But the ex-governor’s surrogates, with a vested interest in the envisaged results of the juvenile prank that they had invented, are still insisting that Oshiomhole was attacked –they have become unconsciously imprisoned in their own bizarre drama as a way of afflicting the admirably rising profile and popularity of Governor Obaseki. So the directionless leaders of the vegetating group called EPM especially one, Henry Idahagbon, are out so desperately and inarticulately trying to pump life into the dead story that they created. But the more disgraceful aspect of this shambolic saga was the active participation of an ex-governor in ‘crying wolf’ right here in the middle of world-renown Benin Civilization, trying to suggest that thugs emerged from an imagined political jungle to attack him (Oshiomhole) at the behest of Governor Obaseki. This APC national chairman has gone mad again!
How can this be the abysmally low level to which Oshiomhole has fallen? Perhaps, he was initially overrated because Oshiomhole never actually merited the revered height to which he was elevated by the Edo Society. For the ex-governor to join in a mid-night strategy session with touts and thugs on how to fake an attack on him (Oshiomhole) is an act that should be beneath the dignity of the APC National Chairman. But in the case of the low-level incompetent textile worker who fortuitously found himself in a position of power and privilege, why should anyone be too surprised.
Oshiomhole is yet to come to the historic realization that the reign of violence and the elevation of thugs to prominence as part of the philosophy of governance ended with his (Oshiomhole) administration. Obaseki is building a new 21st Century society, so while Oshiomhole and his lackeys are seeking avenues for street fighting, Governor Obaseki is working. A man who has creatively fused the science of technocracy with the politics of progressive governance is focused on structuring a new socio-economic contract with the people of Edo State. Oshiomhole’s motor park sociopaths and touts are not the drivers of Obaseki’s new vision for the economic powerhouse of the South-South. The national apex of the Nigeria Union of Teachers saw the progressive trajectory in Edo State hence the organization’s recent award of the BEST GOVERNOR to Mr. Godwin Obaseki, regarding his thoughtful initiatives for youths’ education and welfare of teachers. Obaseki is investing resources and time structuring the foundation for the present and future of Edo State’s youths, the governor is not, therefore, holding clandestine meetings with thugs and purveyors of violence on how to attack fellow political leaders.
The record is incontrovertible, that one of the largest beneficiaries of Oshiomhole’s socio-economic empowerment programs and acts of obnoxious patronage were persons, whose very existence abhorred education, civil enlightenment, and societal peace. Oshiomhole took some particularly weird interest in selecting and empowering ‘Agberos’ in Benin society. The people of Edo South extraction should in the immediate future seek answers as to why Oshiomhole was more focused and enthusiastic in deliberately elevating motor park hoodlums, societal sociopaths and infamous thugs to positions of prominence in Benin society. It almost seemed at a time that Oshiomhole’s APC could be called the congress of all thugs and ‘Agberos‘ in Benin-City.
The verdict is in, the jury of history has spoken, Oshiomhole has become an inimical factor in APC politics of his Edo home state and a debilitating phenomenon nationally. Instead of investing attention on rescuing the APC from imminently collapsing into the abyss of electoral disasters in the November Bayelsa and Kogi States elections, Oshiomhole, is rather engaged in the very kind of egotistic and other morally unwholesome conduct that led to the disastrous defeat or disqualification in the key Northwest State of Zamfara in the 2019 General Election. The organizational mayhem that Oshiomhole presides over as national secretariat abjectly lacks the qualities to lead APC into the electoral battles and victories of the imminent and future off year- elections. Self-aggrandizement and the perpetual quest for Emperor-like supremacy in party affairs are not the galvanizing qualities that an effective national chairman will bear for the secured future of a great party like the APC. Oshiomhole must go for the APC to attain its manifest destiny.


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