Osun to Provide Incentives to Boost Investment in the State

The Osun state government has disclosed it will provide incentives for interested investors who are ready to do business in the state.

According to the Governor of the state, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola at the economic summit organized by the state, the purpose of the summit is to expose Osun to the entire community of investors and enlighten them about the various investment opportunities available in Osun State.

Mr Oyetola disclosed, that there are investment opportunities in the area of agriculture, mineral resources, environmental sector, culture and tourism and ICT available in the state.

Osun is the place to be. In the past, our state was the leading producer of cocoa, which used to be the major revenue earner for the Western Region and even Nigeria at that time. We are still the third-largest producer of cocoa in the country today.”

“We are blessed with abundant mineral resources; we have a lot of them in Osun. What we are trying to do now is to regulate it and ensure that we provide the enabling environment required for investors to come around and invest their money.”

“There are other opportunities in the environmental sector. There are opportunities ready for investors in information communication technology since we have about the largest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.”

The governor while explaining the readiness of Osun, stated the following; we have a large expanse of land for agriculture with good vegetation very conducive for agriculture, again, we have a very secure environment and we have placed a lot of premium on security, we have not less than 18 hours of electricity supply every day, and we have the political will to guarantee investment.

According to the Osun state government, there are a lot of incentives for interested investors, the state believes so much in the rule of law, once an agreement is made, it is binding on the government. The governor also expressed that investors don’t have to worry about multiple taxation issues.

“In agriculture, we have a land bank where we have made land available for investors and saved them the trouble of going into the communities. The government is providing land to investors.”

Lastly, the state government disclosed that it has done much in the area of infrastructure and investors when they come to Osun, will notice a lot of improvement in the area.

“The quality of infrastructure in our state makes us very accessible.”

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