Ex-governor Adams Oshiomhole has inflicted the deepest cut on the laughable remnants of his honor and prestige as the national chairman of an otherwise distinguished political party. The now infamous violent attack inspired and financed by Oshiomhole against Governor Obaseki on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at the residence of the ex-governor in Iyamho (the hometown of Oshiomhole) is viewed as the most disgraceful among the ex-governor’s string of dishonorable conduct in recent times; the nationally scandalous Iyamho tragic drama will be chronicled as one of the abysmal and defining metrics in the rapidly declining political capacity of the APC national chairman . The potentially bloody chaos and mayhem that was enacted by Oshiomhole on Saturday is eerily resonant of the state of anarchy and peculiar disorganization that afflicted the APC in the primaries of the 2019 General Elections and the debilitating syndrome besieging the party till date.

While the Saturday Iyamho catastrophe is undoubtedly condemnable as unconscionable, the suicidal, gangster-like, rash and reckless conduct of Oshiomhole is not however by any means surprising. It is after all no longer hyperbolic to describe the APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole , as a political disaster waiting to happen like a roguishly packaged and expired grenade that will ultimately implode and self-destruct.

The inevitability of humiliating closing chapters to the live encyclopedia of betrayal, opportunism and ingratitude that Oshiomhole represents cannot be reversed. The day of reckoning and accountability has come. And behaving true to type as one who has been designated for destruction by the gods, Oshiomhole wallowing in the abyss of utter desperation has incurably gone mad!

In view of the recent disgraceful scenario that was witnessed in the hometown of the ex-governor, it would not be absurd to suggest that Oshiomhole has been hypnotized and frenzied by a political dirge from the remote world of some vicious vengeful spirits . Oshiomhole’s dance in the national political gallery is now a despicable repertoire of awkward steps and series of humiliating stumbles.’

Things are falling apart ‘’the center cannot hold’’ and the center is now totally broken for the APC national chairman.
How else can it be explained that an incumbent governor from the same political party with Oshiomhole, infact the ex-governor’s very own successor, will be entrapped into a situation of dangerous physical harm right there at Oshiomhole’s residence.

How can the story be told without odious shame and embarrassing regrets that the APC national chairman’s invitation to Governor Obaseki and a high-profiled guest Oba Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos was aimed at creating an arena that will prove inimical to the safety of the incumbent governor. Except one x-trays this matter with some modicum of deep psychological and perhaps, psychiatric sympathy, there would be no way to explain why Oshiomhole will expose anyone, but particularly such a group of distinguished persons to a potential line of fire, since it has been reported that some of Oshiomhole’s paid thugs were armed. So Oshiomhole has become so blinded in his inordinate quest for power that he was willing to risk the lives of the governor and members of his entourage which included , Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, Chairman Caverton group and Chancellor of Edo University Iyamho Dr. Makanjuola and his wife, Chairman, Honeywell group, Oba Otudeko, Mr. Kekere Ekun, Dr. Onobanjo and other dignitaries.
Although constantly intimidated by Oshiomhole’s arrogance, a courageous select group of the Elders Council in Iyamho have reportedly requested for a meeting with the ex-governor to discuss their concern regarding the image of their community on Nigeria’s political map. But will the ex-governor be respectful of the views of the elders of the community? Will the APC leader see value in the continuity of the revered culture of kindness and protection for strangers for which Edo people are famed?

The kind of hubris and obstinacy for which Oshiomhole is notorious may not allow the ex-governor to yield to the considered opinions of Iyamho elders. A legal luminary and a genuine APC chieftain, Professor Itse Sagay recently told the national media that Oshiomhole has a habit of rejecting wise counsels. Professor Sagay was characteristically gentlemanly and scholastic in the framing of his remarks about the APC national leader. But the views of Professor Sagay could also be given a native street context to suggest that a dog destined for destruction and gone astray will defy the gentle whispers and the caring calls of its owner once the domesticated beast is set on the course of perdition. The APC national chairman is definitely of a far higher pedigree than ordinary canines, but Oshiomhole as a political leader has gone astray and set on road to self-implosion and damnation, the ex-governor will not therefore reverse himself to embrace wise counsels.

The chronicle of Oshiomhole’s Iyamho bloody plot is a classical study in outrageous desperation for power and control. And beyond the prediction of the sacred Oracles of our land and the providential power of the people as the ultimate sovereign of our Democracy, Oshiomhole will neither have power nor control over the destiny of Edo people . Never again!
Governor Obaseki did not seek the lunch invitation of the APC national chairman. In fact , on the preceding Friday (1st November) the governor had returned to Benin immediately after the convocation lecture by the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele. Oshiomhole was visibly perturbed on that Friday that he literally had no prominent guests trooping to his residence after the lecture. It was also evident on the same Firday that Oshiomhole was visibly tortured by the organic enthusiasm that huge crowd of supporters in Etsako West displayed as they spontaneously chanted ‘’4 + 4” as Governor Obaseki arrived the University. Then on Saturday, when the Governor and his entourage returned to Iyamho for convocation and the investiture of the Chancellor of the university, Oshionmhole pleaded that the Governor and his entourage should come for lunch in his residential estate directly opposite the university. Unfortunately, it was in the course of honoring a supposedly genial invitation of the ex-governor that Oshiomhole took the opportunity to unleash the mob he financed on the Governor. Oshiomhole’s conduct is crass and crude and definitely unbefitting anyone with the honor and dignity of being called the national chairman of Nigeria’s national ruling party.

But for those who are comprehensively familiar with the true story of both Oshiomhole labor and political life, they would say that the ex-governor presumed respectable profile is a product of contorted tales aimed at personal glorification .Indeed, as the moral icon of America’s Civil Rights struggles ,Late Dr. King would say, ‘’no lie can live for ever’’. The bundle of lies that is the glittering toga in which the ex-governor is adorned is quickly unraveling. On the historical shame of the Iyahmo attack, Oshiomhole should for once display courage and own up to the responsibility of his shameful role in the Iyahmo theatre of tragedy. The Saturday incident proves the point beyond any reasonable doubt that Oshiomhole has become an exigent liability to himself and an electoral albatross to the APC.
Oshiomhole must make way for the APC to progress.

By Oteghe Adams

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