The foretelling diagnosis was always dreadful and ever present; the signs were infallible that Oshiomhole was a political catastrophe waiting to unravel.

Despite all the past years when it looked as if the suspended APC national chairman had emerged as a solid and stable currency in Nigeria’s politics, the unvarnished truth was that Oshiomhole was irreversibly prone to ultimate tragic crash.

Curiously, beyond the aphoristic counsel that ‘those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad’, the suspended APC national chairman has consistently on his own exhibited the inclination of a strange creature in an untiring quest for the curse of the gods.

‘Adamu ‘ is akin to a peculiar specie of endangered Neanderthal which is inexorably drawn to the precariousness of approximate extinction.
Any intimate review of the extensive disgraceful chronicle of Oshiomole’s labor and political misadventures will reveal that, there was always a disturbing trend, which was irreversibly going to culminate in the narrative of disaster. By every insightful and sane projection, the ex-governor was undoubtedly inhabited with a seed of uncontrollable self-implosion that could turn the dawn of his possible distinguished triumph into the dusk of mournful regrets.

It is indeed with a measure of earnest pity that one watches, Oshiomhole, scribbling the very dirge with which he would be consigned to the dustbin of history. The illicit and abhorrent nature of the recent alliance that, Oshiomhole, entered into, at the sunset of his political life, is appropriately instructive as to the kind of uncultivated mammal that the disgraced ex-governor has always been.

While it might look strange that, Oshiomhole ,went out prostrating and genuflecting that a runaway PDP member like, Ize-Iyamu, should join the APC, such acts of opportunistic acrobatics by the suspended APC chairman is not by any means unfamiliar to those with intimate knowledge of Oshiomhole’s standard operational manual. The supposed ex-labour leader has never been inhabited with a sense of moral compass as Oshiomhole is a deeply flawed and profoundly compromised politician.

Although disgusting but not surprising by any measure, the political matrimony between Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu brings together two sinister characters with a profile of similar debilities. Both men are serial abusers of public funds and despicable ingrates. Ize-Iyamu is overcome with inordinate political ambitions, Oshiomhole is desperate to remain a godfather in perpetuity; two disgusting politicians with low-pedigreed canine-like frailties , and so the dubious duo sunk into a conjugation of perfidy to perfect a scheme of hijacking power in Edo State and ultimately conduct the final raid on the patrimony of the people.

For ‘’ Prophet’’ Ize –Iyamu, the kind of political matrimony in reference here perfectly fits the noxiously corrupt mindset for which the awaiting EFCC- docked bird is famed. In addition to fleeing from Edo State PDP without clearing his name in the distribution of the nearly one-billion naira 2015 Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Fund of which he was the custodian, Ize-Iyamu’s naturally abhors transparency in public affairs.
The ‘’Prophet ’’ wallows very enthusiastically in surreptitious, stinking and sinister eco-systems. A mere cursory glance at his abominable record as the Chief of Staff and later Secretary to the State Government in the PDP administration will prove dreadfully cautionary. Now in his ill-fated 2020 gubernatorial campaign, Ize-Iyamu declares that it is ‘’God’s Time’’ for him ( Ize-Iyamu) to rule again over the affairs of Edo State.

Logically, one must ask, whose time was it in the period of 1999-2007 …when the “Prophet” reigned at the zenith of governmental affairs from where he master-minded the largest and unprecedented transfer of public wealth to private pockets in the history of our state?

Was the ‘’ Prophet’’ or predator then functioning under the Devil’s directive? Perhaps, Ize-Iyamu, is now reformed, except that the road to penitence and forgiveness does not pass through Oshiomhole’s Iyamoh covens.

However, it is not a surprise that ‘Adamu’ Oshiomhole will seek to impose such a character as Ize-Iyamu on Edo people and that the ex-labour leader is comfortable with the PDP migrant. The Come-and-raid history of Oshiomhole is just as obnoxious as that of the predator pastor.

Oshiomhole never gained the trust of the true Comrades of the NLC at the high point of the various campaigns by the pro-masses organization in his time as the Congress’ President. Till date, the dark clouds is yet to clear as to the traitorous role that, Oshiomhole, played in acquiescing to the petroleum price increase by the military in the crucial years of pro-democracy struggles.

While it was known that Oshiomhole roared with chants of ‘’Solidarity For Ever’’ during the supposed resistance against petroleum price hikes at workers’ rallies in daylight, it was later discovered that the inspiring lines read more like ‘Solidarity for Oshiomhole’s pockets’ during his cozy nocturnal meetings with the same military dictators. Although, Oshiomhole, has been consistently vacillating around the subject of betrayal of his comrades, the jury of history will ultimately render a verdict on such heinous crime against Nigeria’s working class that entrusted their economic destiny to the hands of Oshiomhole through the NLC.

Once it comes to the agenda of advancing his personal and selfish ambition, nothing else matters to the suspended national chairman of APC.

To move ahead politically in his initial governorship quest in 2007, Oshiomhole decimated the Labor Party in Edo State just as he baselessly denigrated the prominent Benin family that gave him the premiere financial boost to strengthen his entrance into politics.

This time in 2020, Oshiomhole, should be awakened to the unchangeable fact that Edo people have far advanced beyond the stage where he could convert the usual political elites to mere pawns on the chess board of his own power politics.

The people of Edo State are already sending clear instructive signals that the voice and votes of the citizenry will determine the direction of our great state, as a new foundation is being laid to transform Edo geo-political entity into a 21s Century economic power house in Nigeria’s South –South region.

No one, no matter the level of their assumed political influence, will be formidable enough to obstruct the train of Edo State’s progress.


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