The dubious duo, Adams Oshiomhole and Osagie Ize-Iyamu, have begun an irreversible journey on the path of political self- destruction and ultimate perdition. The dawn of 2020 will unchangeably mark the mournful dusk of their ignominious political history.

The essence of the aphorism that,’’charity begins at home’’ will become epitomized in the case of Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu, the inspiring saying will be logically extended to include the sense that genuine recognition for integrity and honor should begin at home; it will consequently be evident in the situation of Ize-Iyamu and Oshiomhole, that both supposed political leaders are utterly lacking any real support back in their home constituencies.

For these two, their worthiness and charity commence and, perhaps, end in Abuja.

The penalty, for the serial acts of betrayals and for being traitors, in every arena in which they were made custodians of public trust will be devastating. Ize-Iyamu is bound to become irrecoverably stranded while depreciating into pitiable irrelevance in the equivalent of a religious purgatory; the political migrant will end up crisscrossing a world between the PDP political hell from which he was supposedly fleeing and unable to safely arrive at the APC Paradise that he was seeking .

It should be clear before he succeeds in duping public confidence that the disgraced PDP exile has not been admitted into the APC. As a matter of fact, Ize-Iyamu, is yet to visit his home ward of Ugboko in Orhiomwon local government area where he has to constitutionally be admitted as a new party member.

But patently lacking integrity at home, Ize-Iyamu might be hoping for a reprieve to enter the APC through Abuja back channels. While the perpetual defector wails and wallows in the purgatory, Oshiomhle would probably trigger his dual citizenship and make an exit to the home country of his spouse (or ex spouse) where he would expend part of the loot he carted from the patrimony of Edo people as governor.

Unfortunately, both characters, the suspended national chairman of APC and the disgraced PDP migrant are often wrongly assumed to have arrived at their unmerited political locations from two distinct directions. It is imperative that the veneer must be wiped off such fraudulent fiction; the more insightful truth is that both actors share dangerous similarities in their philosophical frame of mind and abominable absence of edifying moral compass of life.

None of the two purveyors of political crisis should have been allowed to attain any kind of prominence in the sacred public arena of our society. However, Edo people are incredibly generous in nurturing the aspirations of persons who seem to genuinely, but often deceptively, seeking positions of political service.

Without the kind of unique magnanimity by the Edo people, how could a man who was refused a leadership position at the helm of the affairs of a Confraternity at the University of Benin be allowed near the zenith of power in Edo State? If the electorate of a lesser risked students’ club could be so suspicious and circumspect on the grounds of character questions relating to Ize-iyamu, how did the larger citizenry and residents of Edo State overlook such consequential character flaw.

Like Oshiomhole, Ize-Iyamu’s perfidious previous history offers us a dependable periscope into what his present and future will manifest when such politicians are given privileged opportunities. It is indeed fortuitous that Edo people are now so adequately informed to prevent Ize-Iyamu from becoming a de jure and de facto governor of Edo State. The catalogue of his records at the level of a chief of staff and later Secretary to a PDP governor is a frightening study in the sinister art of expropriation and affliction of state resources by a conscienceless leader.

Who can forget this scenario: the last time, Ize-Iyamu ,was privileged to ask Edo people to close their eyes for one of his ‘political prayers’, such profit yielding state enterprises like, Bendel Breweries, Ikpeshin Marble Factory and the Ehor Fruit and Juice Company, all disappeared under the privatization exercise co-initiated by the PDP migrant.

Is this the kind of economic credentials that Edo people are seeking from their next governor?

Just as Oshiomhole was eventually degraded in the fraternity of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Ize-Iyamu was rusticated from the community of UNIBEN students on the grounds of his violent tendencies. Ize-Iyamu’s conduct was considered threatening to peace and security on the campus.

Coincidentally for our instructive history, it was Professor Itse Sagay, one of the current eminent political and moral leaders of APC, who presided as the chairman of the committee that investigated Ize-Iyamu’s conduct then as a student.

Now with the benefit of hindsight, Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu have been exposed as belonging to the dreadful specie of deformed creatures who should never have been allowed in the farthest proximity of being invested with the trust of the people. One should not be uncivil in this kind of dialogue to purport that both Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu are like despicable noxious rags cut from the same disheveled fabric or canines from the same low-pedigreed political lineage.

Ize-iyamu and Oshiomhole are so traitorous in their nature that they are even said to be mutually lacking the kind of honor that detestable gang of thieves sometimes maintain between each other.

Already, Ize-Iyamu in the face of the current intense political warfare is paying nocturnal visits to some APC leaders with the allegation that Oshiomhole was the one who dragged him ( Ize-Iyamu) into returning to APC. The former PDP flag bearer told some party leaders that Oshiomhole literally knelt down in his living room imploring him to rejoin the APC with a promise for the party’s gubernatorial ticket.

So between a crass opportunist and a political desperado, who amongst the two tragic actors should be deemed believable?
The answer should however not matter. Edo State by providential intervention has escaped from the fraudulent poisonous grip of the suspended APC national chairman and the corrupt influence of Ize-Iyamu.

Through a combination of various factors, there exists a scandalous exposure of the grave dangers that Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu portend for Edo State. The latter months of 2019 and the spring of 2020 will definitely be chronicled as the landmark of precarious descent into the abyss of doom for the two decadently over rated politicians.

The second leg of the liberation journey of Edo people from Ize-Iyamu-Oshiomhole’s financial and political Sodom and Ghomorah will not be derailed. Edo State will march forward without the dubious duo.




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